Parsha “Shelach Lekha”– teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for this week’s teaching of “Shelach Lekha,” (Numbers chapters 13 through 15) and the stories of the ‘spies,’ their ‘evil report’, and the subsequent whining (and First Recorded Vote in human history, to boot) that ultimately cost every adult who participated in the spectacle their life.

The Erev Shabbat overview lays out some of the reasons why that is, as Mark again looks at the entire parsha in order, and supports from Scripture why those assertions were made.

SSM “Shelach Lekha” 2018 Overview teaching

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The Sabbath Day teaching this week again examines in more detail the primary themes in this parsha — particularly the Big Question, “Who do WE trust?” — and the related lessons that are SO relevant to the very same issues, but perhaps with different giants, that we face today.

“Shelach Lekha: What – if anything – COULD the Mixed Multitude Have Done to Avoid Becoming Dead Carcasses in the Wilderness?”


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