Vows, marriage, and lawlessness —


Parsha Matot

Join Mark Call for two related, but different looks at this week’s Torah portion, Matot, from Numbers chapters 30 through 32.  The discussion of vows, in particular, is one of the most important understandings in all of Scripture when it comes to recognizing what is wrong today with a faithless world, and the institution of ‘marriage’ in particular.

The first recording is the regular Erev Shabbat teaching, from the Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship, and is again an overview of the entire parsha:

SSM teaching – Matot 2014

The longer teaching from Shabbat concentrates on specifics from the parsha in more detail.  This week, Mark focuses on Numbers chapter 30 (as you might expect!) and on broken vows that shed light on the ‘times and the seasons.’

 TT CooH teaching – Matot 2014 – Vows – marriage – and why Lawlessness abounds

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