Walking Torah  with Shabbat Shalom Mesa

An on-line gathering of Torah-observant Believers (ToBe’s, in other words) in the Word of YHVH meet every Shabbat beginning at 8:30 AM Mountain Time.

Regular teacher — Mark Call.

Live teachings generally begin at approximately 10:30 AM Mountain Time, depending on the prior recordings.

The “Room” is currently hosted on Paltalk (www.paltalk.com) and may be found by doing a search for the name, or just a part of it, like “torah,” within the Paltalk Scene or Paltalk Express windows.  Those who care to join us may listen, interact via text comments, and ask questions during the live teachings. That same session is also ‘simulcast’ via Discord.

The audio from session is also simulcast live via shoutcheap:


Entire audio portions of the live teachings are available archived by date at:



Mark Call teachings on Way to Zion   (WayToZion.org)

Shabbat Shalom Mesa

Mark Call teaches live each Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) beginning at 6:30 PM Mountain Time.  That worship service may be heard live as well on Paltalk, in the Walking Torah room, and services originate from “Shabbat Shalom Mesa”, in the southern Colorado mountains of the San Luis Valley.  The teaching portion of that service is also available on Way To Zion, and via Hebrew Nation Radio.

Hebrew Nation Radio link

Questions and comments can go to Mark via email at:


Donations in support of the ministry may be made via this address:

Without prejudice

c/o Mark Call

PO Box 69

San Luis, Colorado [ 81152 ]

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