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Biographical Information

Mark is a semi-retired electronic engineer and long-time radio talk show host (Constitutional, economic, and liberty-oriented issues, from a Scripture-oriented perspective)…and full-time, fully “off-grid” small rancher.

He leads a congregation in the south-central mountains of Colorado called “Shabbat Shalom Mesa”, which is available on-line each Friday evening, (Erev Shabbat)  followed by a live interactive ‘midrash’ teaching on the Sabbath Day.

Services may be heard via Paltalk in the “WalkingTorah with Shabbat Shalom Mesa” room (just do a search for the word “torah” when the room is open – it’ll be toward the top of the list) and are also accessible via Discord.  The audio is also available via “Shoutcheap” on mobile devices and PCs, with the ministry name “Walking Torah”.  Services start live at 6:30 PM Mountain Time:

Listen live to Shabbat Shalom Mesa

There are an increasing number of audio teachings and podcasts available on the web which he has done featuring the “Come out of her” theme and related information.


A set of podcasts (by year) on the Way To Zion website, at:

A new weekly radio show (recorded live on Thursdays at 4 PM PT, 5 PM MT, 6 PM CT,  etc) is available at:

where signups for automated reception of the podcasts will also be available.

Those Thursday shows are also rebroadcast on  KPJC and the web several times over the following weekend.

Mark  does a daily (M-F) half-hour news show on that same network, available at 12:30 PM Pacific, 1:30 PM Mountain time, the Drive Time Friday Show, the Torah Teachers’ Round Table, and occasional short one- or two-minute ‘vignettes’ on a variety of Biblical issues as well.


Contact him via email at:


Donations in support of the ministry may be made via this address:

Without prejudice

c/o Mark Call

PO Box 69

San Luis, Colorado [ 81152 ]

6 Responses to Biographical and contact information

  1. joan says:

    Dear Brother Mark- First i would like to extend greetings to you on this Shabbat. Your Come Out of Her…teachings i found on Way to Zion…and have downloaded and am listening to…i would like to tell you that these teachings have been a blessing to me. At the current time, my husband and myself, are in Chile, South America, rebuilding my mother-in-laws home that was destroyed in the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Febuary of this year. As i support my husband in the many ways a wife can be of help, as my husband and the crew rebuild here. I had really thought Yahweh had other plans for me here, but it seems that i needed to continue working on my own personal “house”and understanding the blessings of restoring order there first. and the true understanding of Living Torah where ever Yahweh Commands us to be.
    An interesting note, due to very limited internet access, i have tried to download many teachings, etc. and have only been successful able to download the Come out of HER teachings and a few very limited other teachings…well, i am truly thankful that Yahweh cleared out any potential distractions so i could focus on what He seems to be Asking me to learn!! Well, thank you for all your hard work Mark….as you can see it is a blessing to Yahweh’s people to the far ends of the earth!!!
    Blessings and shalom to you and your household……joan reyes…….

  2. Phil says:

    i tried to email Mark, and email is kicking back ?

  3. Ed Daniels says:

    We would like to gift you with a donation. Where or how can we send it?

  4. mark says:

    Thanks, Ed. Your kindness and support is appreciated.

    We are, as may perhaps be obvious, definitely NOT a 501c(3) organization, in that this effort is not incorporated in any way, nor does it solicit or accept support or benefits of any kind from “Caesar”. As such, we cannot offer any kind of “tax deduction” or other compensation from what I believe to be “another master”.

    But if you would like to make a direct gift to this work, please feel free to contact me via email at:
    and I will be thankful to give you more information. And may YHVH bless you and yours.


  5. Chaniyah says:

    Shalom Mark,

    I want to thank you for your work. Not to many people out there tell the truth for what it is. We need to hear things (not sugar coating like most teachers I know) and understand where we are. Since listening and reading your show I am changing not only spiritually but physically as well. Our outward apparence (what others see and hear from us) is a reflection of what is inside of us. How can one “Come out of her” if we don’t realize we are “in” her?? Your teachings are a light to my path and I thank you so much.


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