The Coming Disconnect

There is no doubt in my mind that many people who would not take a second look at what the Bible has to say about most subjects, particularly when it comes to how they actually LIVE their life, day to day, are much more amenable to being awakened after their pockets have been picked while they were asleep.


Such is the case with “dishonest weights and measures”.   The fully “fiat”, based on nothing-but-debt, US dollar is probably the best example of one that most people will ever hold in their hand.  As we have seen, the Bible calls such things an “abomination”.  The  Constitution for these former united States, for its part, simply prohibits it outright as well.  (Given the fact that Congress, and indeed most of the population of Washington, DC seems to ignore that document just as they do the Bible, this should not be a surprise.)

I realize that these claims may sound sarcastic, perhaps even cynical, to those who have not studied the situation.  But please understand me clearly:  they are not.  The truth is indeed even more harsh, and this is why the level of criminality associated with what is arguably the most massive fraud, in economic terms, in all of human history, can now no longer even be measured in numbers like mere “billions”. Talk of “trillions”, and ultimately “quadrillions” — or worse — is now required.  Wars have been fought for far less.  Hosea 4:6 says something which is incredibly accurate today:  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Many people recognize that quote, of course.  But the rest of the verse is even more telling:

Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being priests for Me.   Because you have forgotten the torah of Elohim, I will also forget your children.”

I contend that the signs of the coming destruction of the dollar, and indeed the entire crooked economic edifice of “false witness” and dishonest contracts which have been built upon that sandy foundation, are already obvious.  The die is cast, and the ultimate collapse is at this point unavoidable — although attempts to “fool the gullible” and put off the inevitable, will certainly continue, in increasing desperation.  We have ignored His Word, and allowed an entire economy to be built upon not only lies, but abomination.

What are the signs of the coming collapse?  By the time that food shortages, infrastructure collapse, and war are widespread, the directive to “come out of her…that you partake not of her plagues” will be obvious, but only too late for most people.  I note that our loving Creator does nothing without first declaring His intentions through His “servants, the prophets”…and that He already done so, repeatedly.  While the fact that this coming Greater Depression is different, and somehow more severe, than anything seen here  before is increasingly hard to deny, there are other signs that those who understand economics, and honest money in particular, should be watching for.  Remember as well that we have been warned just how insidious this deception will be!

Mark Twain, a century ago, observed that there are “lies, damn lies, and statistics.”  Official economic numbers — whether they are “jobs reports” that understate unemployment rates by removing “discouraged” workers, or those who take multiple low-wage jobs in lieu of a former career, or lie about real inflation (and thus economic growth as well!) by means of “hedonic” adjustments and other transparent manipulations — are literally an open charade.  Rather than label current bond auctions “money printing”, the term “quantitative easing” is used by the press and their masters to hide what would otherwise be called “counterfeiting” if any unlicensed criminals attempted it!

My suggestion remains that those who want to understand what is coming should watch the gold and silver markets.  Know, in particular, that there is a big difference between the “paper market” price – which you will see quoted in the news, from rigged markets like the US “Comex” and the “London Metals Exchange” (LME), and even the popular ETFs, or “Exchange Traded Funds” – and REAL precious metals.  Coins that you can HOLD IN YOUR HAND and keep where you alone can find them after the meltdown are FAR different than the “paper gold” imitations…and the REAL-WORLD prices will ultimately make that undeniably clear!

You will in general have to pay far more for a REAL gold coin, or pre-1964 silver dime even, than the “official” gold or silver prices in the paper.  Why?  Simple:  when crooks are allowed to SELL something that they DO NOT HAVE TO ACTUALLY DELIVER — or even possess — is it any surprise that they can drive the “paper” price down?  (Well, for a WHILE, at least!  While you and I might well go to jail for such fraud, when central bankers and politically-connected insiders manipulate markets, they get bonuses and bailouts.)  This price difference between the real and the paper imitation is called the spread, and it will increase as the level of the fraud become undeniable.

But our “God is not mocked”, and His “Iron Law” that one reaps what they sow remains.  No “fiat currency” in history has ever survived, manipulation of markets eventually fails, and ultimately people who contract to buy gold and silver will want the real thing, rather than increasingly worthless “dishonest weights”.  And while the rules can, and WILL, be changed to protect the criminals and steal from the “little guy” who “invested” in commodities or ETFs, the big guns — like China — are increasingly angry about aspects of the fraud which no longer benefit THEM.

Look for that spread to increase dramatically as the end draws near.  Whether it’s Ebay or the corner store, gold and silver coins will command increasingly higher prices than what Wall Street will claim they are “really” worth.  The time may come when the Comex, or another ‘depository’ (including perhaps even Ft. Knox, or the Fed – audits, anyone?) , defaults, or is suddenly “discovered” to have less  in the vault than is claimed…and when real precious metals are not available at ANY ‘paper price’.  Or perhaps another substitute “currency” will be mandated before any massive fraud is publicly admitted.

But in either case, the time to “come out of her, My people”, to “touch not the unclean thing” — to withdraw your consent from a system of “dishonest weights and measures”  — is now, before the debt and fraud completely corrupts and destroys everything that touches it.  People who seek to deal honestly with one another in the times to come will need an alternative.  Those who recognize that truth now may soon be open to accepting the fact that His Word is True in every other way as well!

Like the “men of Issachar”, those who understand the times will know what ought to be done.  Buy some physical gold, and pre-1964 silver coins – especially while price manipulations mean that your purchases are subsidized!   But remember that planning and physical preparation for the coming meltdown is only part of the solution.  Be thankful that we have been given warning, and should not be caught unaware.

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Semi-retired electronic engineer, turned author and lecturer; occasional radio talk show host, and motivated Torah/Bible teacher. Also an avid private pilot (Private, ASEL, Inst), radio amateur, scuba diver, and aspiring sailor.
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