Podcast update

I have spent a LOT more time over the last few months doing live radio and on-line teaching than writing.  Unfortunately, that has meant that this website has gotten a bit less attention than I would otherwise have liked.

Now that many of those shows are available via podcast, however, at least the ability to keep more material on-line and available through the web has improved dramatically.  The shows that I do on Hebrew Nation Radio are linked through this site (see the “Audio” page) and available via free subscription there as well.

Today’s News and commentary show is here:

Mark Call News for Tuesday, December 28th

The last “Come Out of Her” show is here:

Come Out of her, My people

and all of them will be updated and available via this link:

Hebrew Nation Radio Podcasts

About mark

Semi-retired electronic engineer, turned author and lecturer; occasional radio talk show host, and motivated Torah/Bible teacher. Also an avid private pilot (Private, ASEL, Inst), radio amateur, scuba diver, and aspiring sailor.
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