Shifting the ‘focus’

After an angry caller managed to get through to Rush Limbaugh last week with a complaint about the blindness of ‘mainstream’ politicians and commentators to the ‘birth certificate’ issue, much controversy seemed to — again — emerge. And so did another smokescreen.  Example:

Limbaugh has somehow managed to miss the point in his attempt to defend his past and present failures to show up on the issue here.

Why should a nation which ignores the “Supreme Law of the Land” routinely care about the fact that OTHER parts of the document are ignored as well?  (It STILL has to do with “choice of Law”!)

Limbaugh is well aware of the ‘point’ of course…what he is doing is dissembling — and trying very hard to shift the “focus” to again lead his sheep into the jaws of the wolves.

The real point that almost NO one (in the WasteStream Media) is understanding is this:

We have a former Constitutional Republic which has now been replaced by a fraud. Call it “democracy” if you will, since that word nowhere appears in any of the founding documents (unless you count the Federalist Papers, where “such democracies” are roundly condemned).

The dollar has been an unconstitutional fake for at least four decades, if not arguably almost a century. The First, Second, Fourth, and Tenth Amendments (quaintly once called part of the “Bill of Rights”) have been dead letters for years as well.

Notice the latest undeclared “war” – the boldest such usurpation yet, since even a pretense of Congressional notice is obviously absent.

A nation which ignores its own law has no place to complain about a “president” which simply reflects that utter “lawlessness”.

What has long been “sowed” is now being reaped. To be ruled by foreign tyrants is nothing short of a directly Biblical “curse” which should surprise no one with “eyes to see”.

Wait until you see what else is coming.

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