The Secular vs the Scriptural: April 19th and Pesach

I did a special news show today about some of the events in history on April 19th.  They have a lot to do with what is True…as opposed to the Big Lie.

Please give a listen:

April 19th

In hindsight, given the confluence of the two secular dates –

April the 19th and “Easter” –

perhaps a bit more explanation — blunt as it is — is in order:

There are two sets of incredible lies which surround events on these dates.  They are both “secular”, and yet “religious”…to the extent that they all represent service to “another master” than the Creator YHVH.  The “final assault” on the Seventh Day Adventist ‘spin-off’ church in Waco, Texas, back on April 19, 1993, may be the largest cover-up of a State-sanctioned mass murder in US history.    The Oklahoma City bombing of two years later, however, is probably the most idiotically blatant, given the degree to which the Official Story contradicts even the most simple understanding of physics and chemistry!

But to rename what is without question the Most Important Event in all of human history after the name of a pagan “goddess”, change the date, forget the elements of worship that YHVH Himself said we were to keep “forever”, and then add in forbidden elements of pagan fertility rites as a final slap in the Face of the Almighty…not only “takes the cake”, but the bunnies and eggs as well!

I’ll put it this way.  There are TWO sets of incredible lies still alive and well in post-Biblical, post-Constitutional Amerika today.

To believe the FIRST set, you have to ignore the Laws of Physics.

To believe the SECOND, you have to ignore the very Words of the Creator that those same people claim as “Savior”.

The Truth will indeed “set you free”…but only if you are willing to believe Him when He Writes it out for us.

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