Torah portion “Re-eh” from Shabbat Shalom Longmont

Attached below is the Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) teaching from the services at Shabbat Shalom Longmont in Longmont, Colorado, on 26 August, 2011.


This is Mark Call discussing the parsha called (in the Hebrew) “Re-eh”, from Deuteronomy (Debarim) 11:26 through 16:17.    It really could be considered a “Torah 101” introduction to what it is that DISTINGUISHES a “first century” understanding of followers of the MessiahYahushua from what could be called ‘modern christianity’.


SSL Re-eh – teaching part 1

SSL Re-eh – teaching part 2

SSL Re-eh – teaching part 3

About mark

Semi-retired electronic engineer, turned author and lecturer; occasional radio talk show host, and motivated Torah/Bible teacher. Also an avid private pilot (Private, ASEL, Inst), radio amateur, scuba diver, and aspiring sailor.
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