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Events in the news — already evidently out-of-control —  seem to be coming to a head recently.  Both this week’s and last weeks Torah portions  (from the “Talking Torah” room on Paltalk, where both Jeff Gilbert and I teach every Shabbat)  should be of particular interest to those who are not only concerned about how to “come out of her”, but about what we should come IN TO.

Call it “community”:

Ki Tasa




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One Response to “Newest podcasts and links”

  1. Carrosan says:

    Shalom Bob,Really great to hear this study again and even better to have a viausl of you teaching it. Audio teaching is great but a person’s face also speaks as much as their voice. Especially your face, when the L-rd anoints you to teach us it speaks of your love and passion for G-d’s Torah as much as your voice does! Thanks for making this available to everyone! Shalom uv racha, Dodi