I smell a rat…

By now most of the nation has heard about the single-engine aircraft which was driven into the side of a building in Austin, Texas. Despite the fact that “confirmed reports” cannot agree about whether the plane was an aluminum Piper Cherokee or a composite Cirrus SR-22, the claim that the pilot was a suicidal “right wing nut case” seems to be accepted without question by the Progressive Press.

Color me EXTREMELY skeptical about this whole stinking thing. Too much rat odor here to ignore.

The building is coincidentally named “Echelon“; the well-known code name for the “Big Brother” e-spying tool which taps phones and emails without benefit of something once known as a “warrant”.  The guy is made to sound like a poster child for the Tea Party “extremists” — and he fits every stereotype that even Glen Beck-like “conservatives” love to ridicule.

And, last but not least, he uses a general aviation airplane, rather than a car or truck or any other arguably more effective tool.

If there ever was an all-to-perfect excuse for getting rid of the last remaining freedom to travel in the US, this looks to be it. Too convenient.

Peons must stop at checkpoints, after all.

We will no doubt be hearing how NO ONE should be allowed to fly without Big Brother’s Blessing, and small planes must be banned from Amerikan Skies.

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7 Responses to “I smell a rat…”

  1. jay c says:

    I could believe it either way. When I heard that the IRS had an office in the building, my first thought was that somebody was audited. When people are really ticked off, they frequently don’t act rationally. Of course, even if this was just some guy trying to “take a few with him” you are absolutely right that the PTB will use this to take away more freedoms, and the sheeple will go along with it, also irrationally. If they banned every plane from the sky, that would just mean that people would be more likely to choose more efficient and more personal means of exacting revenge. Britain has proved the point: outlaw guns and knifing deaths shoot up for a while until the black market starts providing guns. The only people left without guns are the ones who don’t use them to commit crimes. If they outlaw small planes over all cities, people who want to off IRS agents will use guns. If the PTB outlaw guns, they’ll use bows or cars or big sticks. It’s a ridiculously transparent shell game whose purpose is most definitely not to keep us “citizens” safe.

  2. mark says:

    No argument there, Jay.

    The real issue, however, isn’t that airplanes have anything at all to do with “exacting revenge” — it’s more that they are an efficient means of personal transportation, and provide a real alternative when people get utterly disgusted with being probed, sniffed, X-rayed, and having their wives’ and children’s naked bodies “scanned” in airports.

    This is really about removing ALTERNATIVES.

  3. Mark – the newspaper – it may have been a web posting, that I saw indicated that it was an IRS building that was hit. In either case, you are correct in how it will be used to tighten the noose on our suffocating freedom.
    Did you see the news that people at the airports are now subject to having their hands swabbed for explosive residuals? WTF.

  4. mark says:

    I’ll probably add a “PS” to the initial post, since more than one person has asked me about the building name issue. Evidently the building is actually NAMED “Echelon”, and that name is emblazoned on the exterior; the IRS is a tenant, located therein.

  5. jay c says:

    I wonder what chemicals they’re looking for with the swabbings? There’s nothing illegal about spending some time at the range or applying a chemical fertilizer to your lawn or crops before getting on a plane. It is getting beyond obvious that the intent has never been to make anyone safer.

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