Government “Reform” and other Big Lies

Big news rocked the financial markets not too long ago when the Securities and Exchange Commission — part of the same failed group of “regulators” who had failed to predict the financial meltdown and couldn’t spot the fraud when it stared them in the face — finally decided to sue Goldman-Sachs, arguably the most high-profile shysters in the whole rigged game.  While there really is “nothing new under the sun“, and it’s easy to be angry about obvious chicanery, this is a stunning bit of hypocrisy.  It’s a lot like the Gambini crime family has sued the Corleone mob.

And they did it just before PR blitz for the big “Reform Bill” hit the press!

We truly live in an age of Deception.  Bailouts, using “other people’s money”, have ensured that the evildoers not only escaped, but were rewarded handsomely for their clever manipulation of a corrupt system.  Not a single “overseer” allegedly responsible for preventing such fraud has been fired, and the treasury department, Federal Reserve, and administration remain riddled with high-level Goldman-Sachs “alumni”.

Even the timing of this “revelation” is more than suspect, since it comes long after the fact, after books have been written about the crime*, but ever-so-conveniently just BEFORE that alledged ”reform” package goes high profile on Capitol Hill.  The prince of this world knows how to sell a Lie:  mix it with a big slice of truth, and cover it with a whole lot of anger.  Simmer ’till ready.  Then call it “reform”.

This latest ”reform” does to a once-honest, but now long-corrupted, monetary system what the last high-profile “reform” did to medicine.  And a new “Financial Institutions Regulatory Administration” (FIRA, no doubt pronounced “Fear-uh”) will ensure that “no one will buy or sell” outside of the iron grip of that bureaucracy in the same way that freedom to say “no” to Caesar’s naked body scans is disappearing in the name of “Homeland Security” and terror.

The point of this column is not to analyze a horrid bill, or even to chronicle the decay of a once-free people; it is to point out the type of deception at hand, and warn of that yet to come.  The word “reform” itself is a giant tipoff!  When YHVH uses the word “abomination” to describe a system of dishonest weights and measures, and even the Constitution talks only about “coining” money from gold and silver, it should be obvious that we are now reaping what was sown.  False witness, fraudulent ‘contracts’, and fake ‘money’, can NEVER be “reformed” without FIRST turning away from the sin!  And the initial step in t’shuvah, or “repentance”, is to admit the wrong — not to reward evil with even greater power.

Yes, the “banksters of Wall Street” are corrupt, and suckle at the teat of the Almighty State while weilding the money power to their own advantage.  People are rightly angry at the fraud they see.  But they are being manipulated when they allow that emotion to be used to sell them on an even greater Evil, by the same sets of people, sowing the same seeds.

As I wrote this column, and considered the succinct command to “not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another” (Lev. 19:11) it occurred to me once again that there is a great similarity between what has happened to the Constitution, and the Torah it was based upon:  the Written Word, the Written Law, has once again been supplanted by the ‘traditions of men’.   Politicians, bureaucrats, and bankers have simply replaced the old Pharisees and their temple-based money changers.

Even the deceptions are the same.  The “New” has again replaced the Old, which has been claimed to be ”done away with”.  God’s “teaching and instruction” just isn’t good enough, after all, in a “modern” world.  We cannot trust in Him, or His Word, but only in men who promise to do better next time.

And those who MAKE the regulations, print the money, and enforce their judgments – of course — are not “under the Law” anyway.

The Foundations, in other words, don’t matter any more.  We have a “living” Constitution, and a “living word” now; they mutate over time, of course.  If that sounds a lot like the description of leaven as a living thing, perhaps it should.

Do not be deceived, “for in the last days, perilous times will come…“  We are seeing what such covetous, proud, traitorous men will do in order to increase their power and control.  There comes a time to simply “be separate“, because He is separate (qadosh, or ‘holy’) and to ”come out of her“, so that we are not associated with the crimes that are being committed in the name of false idols.  When it comes to the Big Lie, be aware of the techniques, of the motives, of the propaganda.  You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.  But you will…


*  Senior Wall Street Journal reporter Greg Zuckerman’s book, The Greatest Trade Ever, was published November, 2009.  The information has been available to the SEC for at least two years.

The GS lawsuit was announced by the SEC on “options expiration Friday”, the most volatile trading day of the month.  Put options on GS (April 170) –which would have expired worthless but for the timing of the news — ended the day up a staggering 140 THOUSAND (not, that is not a typo) percent!  Some might observe that such inside information is as good as a big bonus.

**   No shame:  17 regulators, including some top managers making over $200K annually, at the SEC evidently spent time scanning porno sites rather than financial data, according to reports this same week.

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