Satan’s Game: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

The parable of “a house divided” (from both Matthew 12 and Luke 11) is fascinating, because it teaches so many things.  But one of those lessons – at least as I have heard so it so often taught – is not quite right.

Yahushua the Savior, of course, is NOT part of Satan’s house, but there is a reason that His adversary is also called the ‘Deceiver’.  Even though it WILL ultimately fall, what appears  to be a ‘house divided against itself” is mostly a clever, and ancient, ruse.

There is more to the lesson than most of us have been taught.  Note that the Messiah Himself says only a few verses later (Luke 12:51-53) that He came not “to give peace on earth“, but “rather division“!  Take a look as well at how many times the metaphor that we are to follow God’s path, and not veer off, “to the right, or to the left“, appears in Scripture.  Our Messiah even warned that the Way is “narrow“, and “few there be that find it.” There is a ditch on either side of His narrow path, remember.

The division that matters is the house of YHVH from that of the Adversary.  We must learn to discern not only WHICH house we choose to serve — that of YHVH or “another master” — but WHEN we are being deceived into following a false path, and being fed false “choices”.

Perhaps the easiest way to summarize the distinction is to realize that demons which were cast out by the Savior weren’t anxious to go, but that Satan long ago learned how to appear to “divide” his own house so as to fool his victims.  Since he is also called the “prince of this world”, perhaps it is not at all surprising that this gambit is nowhere more popular than in politics and government.

For real-world examples, one need do nothing more than turn to the news, and observe the propaganda that surrounds the “big stories” of the last few weeks.  Take the demonic evil that is Goldman-Sachs, just for starters.

It is easy to convince most post-Constitutional Amerikans that Big Banking is crooked, and somehow complicit in the economic ‘malaise’…even if they are incapable of understanding the details of CDOs, mortgage ‘tranches’, short sales, and insider trading.  After all, just look at the massive bonuses they paid themselves out of the bailouts: quite a reward for gross incompetence —  unless you count the foresight of having the right connections, with Goldman alumni in “all the right places”, from Treasury, to multiple administrations, and the Almighty Fed Itself.

So, many folks would willingly pray to Caesar to have those particular demons “exorcised”.  And yet let’s not forget the other “ditch”:  just WHO is doing the regulating?  And what is their proposed “solution”?

If you are skeptical about why the same incompetent fools who couldn’t spot the bubble(s) coming, but claim the wisdom to prevent EXACTLY this kind of (inevitable) meltdown — politicos and bureau-rats alike — are now promising to do better “next time” if those who are stuck with the bills will just give them unprecedented new powers as a reward…

…you’re on the right track.

But step back for a minute, and look at the whole picture.  Why is it that we are being conditioned to accept the word of one set of demons against others who appear to be in opposition to them — even while receiving bailouts and protection from competition?  The problem was NEVER what that House-Apparently-Divided wants us to believe!  It’s not a “lack of regulation”…as if more, or different, demons would somehow do a better job.  THE WHOLE WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM is built “on sand”, the fiat Amerikan Idol called the Almighty Dollar.  It is a false god, a “dishonest weight” that not only obviously violates the Constitution, but is repeatedly called nothing less than “abomination” by the Almighty, Himself.

We are reaping what has been sown.

When an entire economic system is built on lies, false weights and measures, usury, and ultimately theft — can it be any surprise that those who profit from that crooked system will “bear false witness” in order to perpetuate it?  Can any real “solution” be based on less than true “repentance”, and turning from the iniquity that is at the root?

Same house, but maybe it’s not really “divided” after all. It just appears to be.  But it is definitely “heads I win, tails you lose”.

(And if you will check out G. Edward Griffin’s masterpiece on the founding of the Federal Reserve, The Creature from Jekyll Island, you will see that when it comes to back-room deals between crooked banksters and those who purport to “regulate” them, there really IS “nothing new under the sun”.)

Take a look next at Arizona, where the plague of “illegal immigration” and rampant crime has people who are generally discouraged or even prohibited from actually defending their own families and property begging their government Masters to do something, ANYTHING…even if it’s wrong!

I have warned radio listeners for years to beware the siren song of building a “fence” or New Berlin Wall on the southern border.  While it ultimately WILL, I contend, get built – the purpose was NEVER to keep the “bad guys out”.  It will be to keep the slaves in — once they realize just how badly they have been duped.  And those who clamor for Caesar’s newly-empowered storm troopers to have the “right” to demand “your papers, bitte,” from the undesirables will soon find out who their master REALLY thinks is in need of such control.  After all, the precedent for RFID implants and currency exchange controls has already been set, and the pundits are already starting to talk those “reasonable measures” up as well.

Heads I win, tails you lose. Those who have studied a bit of history, and totalitarian techniques like the “Hegelian Dialectic” will recognize that the Adversary has not kept his methodology a secret.  At least not from those willing to serve him.

People are rightfully angry at criminality and destruction — whether it’s Goldman-Sachs or “illegal immigrants”.  But don’t let the Adversary fool you!  He has appeared to divide his house so that such anger will play right into his hands – by encouraging voters in his demonocracy to give him even more power, the better to control his compliant but ignorant slaves.  There is a ditch on BOTH sides of the ‘narrow path’!

Whenever ‘the  world’ tries to convince you that there are two “obvious” choices, whether it’s “trading essential liberty for a little temporary security,” or the R-party vs. the  D-party (who sit on opposite sides of an aisle, but in that same old ‘divided house’)…don’t be fooled.

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