On a personal note

I tool a major fall about a week ago, on a slippery wet ramp here on the mesa ranch, and fell directly on top of my left ankle, as my right leg shot forward.  The result turned out to be that every ligament on the top of my left knee was torn loose.

On Tuesday, August 8th I had surgery, which thankfully went as planned, but also represented a major unexpected out-of-pocket expense.  For those that are so inclined, prayers are very much requested for a complete and successful recovery.  (Rehab will evidently take a minimum of several months, and in the meanwhile, there are chores here on a working small ranch that are falling behind.)

My younger brother has also thoughtfully set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ site as well, with the hope of defraying some of expenses.   (We definitely needed an LP generator for the winter, among other things, that have suddenly turned into sutures.)

“Go Fund Me” link for Mark Call’s medical expenses



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