New radio show starts Thursday afternoons

I will be starting a new radio show on KPJC  (1220 AM in the Salem, Oregon area) this afternoon — coincidentally, with the same title and general theme as this one.  It’ll run live at 4 PM Pacific time, which is 5 PM here in the Rocky Mountains, every Thursday.  I expect to also do  a pre-recorded hour or so in the future, which will be broadcast over the weekends.

The show will be available via a live feed here:

The main link for the network is here:

and I will try to make sure that the podcasts are eventually linked on this page as well.


3 Responses to “New radio show starts Thursday afternoons”

  1. jay c says:

    I’ll try to listen in when I can, Mark. Thanks!

  2. qevver says:

    Linked to your site through
    I plan to tune to your next broadcast.
    Listening to some of your previously posted .mp3; outofthesystem… kudos.
    It is always nice to find i am not alone, on the physical side that is, in this -appox.- one-percentile -or so- of thought, training and guidance.

  3. mark says:

    Thanks for the comment, and the info. That is a new site I was not familiar with.