Battles, not Riots

One of the most common themes in Scripture is that of warfare, whether the issue is the continuing battle between good and evil, the conquest of the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua, or the prophesied battles still yet to come.    Furthermore, we are often instructed by the Bible in military terms, such as the admonition to “put on the full armor of God“, or to recognize that the Word is a sharp, “double-edged sword“.  Remember, too that the “battle belongs to the Lord“, or YHVH.

This last month has seen no shortage of evidence that we live in a time of carnage, riots, warfare, and  battles.  Economic warfare and battles over resources and trade are increasing turning “hot”.  From Egypt, to Libya, to Wisconsin…people are angry, and taking to the streets.

But if we are, as the Word also instructs us, to “choose this day Whom you will serve,” it is important that we make sure to know which battles are really His!  After all, even atheists are quick to point out (whether it is true or not) that most wars are fought between opponents who claim that God is on their side.  And, yes, the discerning are now beginning to recognize that the deceptive “elohim” who should not be confused with the “I AM” of Abraham, Yitzak, and Yaakov is really the “prince of this world”.

There is a big difference, in other words, between a “battle” which glorifies YHVH, and something else.  Something else perhaps best described instead simply as a “riot”.

When Joshua led the children of Israel into battle, directed by YHVH Tsevaot, they were invincible.  But when those same warriors decided to fight on their own, without Him to “go before them,”  they were routed.

In 1776, the thirteen colonies in America formally began a long battle for independence from a British king whose “character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant”.  Indeed, by that year the war had already begun.   But their leadership clearly “declared the causes which impel(led) them to the separation”.  They prayed, and sought His blessing and guidance.  They not only outlined the lawful basis for those necessary actions, but expressed their faith in Him as Creator, and sought the protection of “Divine Providence” for their cause.

In stark contrast, the French Revolution was much more like a riot than a battle fought for principles outlined in Scripture.  Far more “revolutions” in the intervening centuries seem to end in chaos and despotism befitting the leadership of the ‘prince of this world’ than the Author of the Word.

This last year marked the time when Egypt, once an oil exporting nation, crossed the line into being a net oil consumer.  Oil revenues were no longer able to fund the burdens of their welfare programs.  People who spend a high percentage of their meager income on food are the first to feel the effects of runaway food price inflation, and the most severely affected.  The riots in Egypt — like much of the rest of the Middle East — were brought to a head when food price hikes, in no small part a result of “Quantitative Easing” by the “printing presses” of the Almighty Fiat Dollar, simply became too much for the masses to bear.  Both the inflation and the riots continue to spread.

Unlike the ‘fed’, states in Amerika are not licensed to print “money”.  They will thus be among the first casualties of the coming governmental bankruptcy epidemic, as the inevitable rotten fruit of dishonest weights and measures becomes increasingly impossible to hide.  The conflict in Wisconsin is the first of many to come.  It is not about “unions” versus “taxpayers”,  or who will be “disappointed” when promises which CANNOT be kept are revealed to be lies.  Anger is coming to a head.  People who do not understand WHY their “piece of the pie” is being stolen do not recognize that a system built on a rotten foundation, a violation of the bedrock principles of the torah of YHVH, is destined to collapse.  They do, however, sense what is inevitable, and seek to “get while the getting is good”.   “Both sides” will lose. The result will be violence and riots, not a “battle” for the glory of YHVH, because His teaching and instruction was never part of the equation.

YHVH promises “blessings” for obedience to Him…not “pension benefits”, or “essential services”.  Riots follow just like plagues when masses of people who have been deceived come to the realization that the empty promises of another master don’t measure up to His Covenants.  When Scripture repeatedly warns us to veer “neither to the right, nor to the left” off of what is called a “narrow path“, it is because there are two ways to end up in the ditch!

Yahushua said that a “house divided cannot stand“.  While His house is never divided against itself, the concept of “playing both ends against the middle”, “heads I win, tails you lose”, creating a problem and posing as the solution (the “Hegelian Dialectic”) or “order out of chaos”, has been a proven tactic of the Adversary for millenia.   There is no “right side” to be on when all who participate ignore His Word.

We are advised in Rev. 18:4 to “come out of her” and not to participate in the sins a system of “whoredom”, built in rebellion to Him.  A similar warning is in YesheYahu (Isaiah) 52, where we are told not to “touch the unclean thing“, nor to go out by haste, or flight, because YHVH will “go before you“.   If we are not prepared for the “plagues” which are coming, whether they take the initial form of economic collapse, or the fear which can result from the inevitable consequences of what follows, whether it is food shortages, civil unrest, or martial law, it is all too easy to succumb to fear.  Those who fear YHVH instead, “build their house upon the Rock“, and know what should be done because they also “know the season“, will not fear what happens in the world.  We must save ourselves only for those battles where He goes before us.

But there is another way to be “suckered in” to riots, and that is by anger.  Deception DOES abound.  Dishonest weights and measure ARE an abomination, and the destruction wrought by the “rich men of the earth” and their false master will be massive.  But those who riot end up fighting one another — without understanding why — are victimized and deceived yet again.  When “many are offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another,” because many are deceived and iniquity (torah-less-ness) abounds, and the “love of many shall wax cold“, the right answer is still not to “partake of her sins“, or her plagues…and instead endure.

Those battles which are not fought in accord with His ‘torah’, the “teaching and instruction” of Scripture, in His Name and for His glory, are ultimately nothing more than riots.  They never end well.  Those who follow Him must not participate.  We should walk in His light, and have “no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.”

It is comforting to remember the promises that He made to His people:
Chatzak!  (Be strong and of good courage!)
…YHVH goes before you.  He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.

He will fight for us in the real battles, far more than we for Him.  What we must understand up front is how we are to know that we are “on the right side.”  Don’t be deceived into fighting in riots; the only battles we are to participate in are the ones where He goes before us.


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