Transition Plagues

One of the most popular questions today, among those returning to a study of Torah ‘for themselves’, is whether we are entering the End Times, or not.  What will they look like, how will we know?  And, more specifically, perhaps – how long do we have left?  With the usual tongue-in-cheek proviso that “I don’t do dates!” — I will suggest the following.  It is certainly, one way or another, the ‘end time’ for each of us as individuals, and even secular economics and history make it clear that we are seeing the End of the Almighty Dollar.  After all, NO fiat currency in history has survived very long, and the dollar clearly won’t be the first.

Nations, and Empires, have risen and fallen since the Sacrifice of the Messiah.  But the End has not yet happened, even though some of the events over the last century or so certainly qualify as tragedies, horrors, and even holocausts.

But another look at the story of the first Exodus can give us some interesting perspective…particularly when it comes to those first few plagues that were visited on Mitzraim (or Egypt”).  I frequently observe that when one looks at the pagan culture of that nation, it becomes clear that each plague was literally a “judgment” of one or more specific gods (really elohim, or “mighty ones).  From the river Nile, to frogs, to various insect pests — each was worshiped in one way or another, and was held up in turn by the REAL Elohim and put to open shame.

But what might give us a bit of a look at current conditions is the observation that the first few plagues against THEIR false ‘gods’ also had a couple of other important characteristics as well.  The ‘magicians’ of Pharaoh — for a while at least — tried to duplicate what YHVH did.  They, too, turned their rods into serpents (even though that didn’t work out as planned for them).  They, too, created some more frogs (and perhaps regretted that decision as well).

Today, the ‘magicians’ of the modern pharaoh also claim to have ‘godlike’ powers.  After all, man can control the climate — or so those who push the fraud of AGW, or “man-caused global warming” would have you believe; forget about the effects of everything from volcanoes and the Gulf Stream to the sun itself.  And while the magicians (and “Maestros”) at the Fed cannot create more gold or silver, they have certainly made up a lot of paper and called it ‘money’.

But when it came time for next plague, of lice…something different happened.  The magicians tried to duplicate the acts of the True Elohim, but could not!  And with the plague of flies, YHVH declared that He would “sever” His people in the land of Goshen, and put a division between them and the rest of Egypt.

Here, then, is something to consider.  The plagues we can already see on the horizon are clearly yet another proof that YHVH’s “Iron Law”, that we reap what we sow, has never been “done away with”.  The bitter fruit of dishonest weights and measure — fake, un-Constitutional, worth-less (and less), fiat money — will result in incredible disruption as that system inevitably collapses into inflation and bankruptcy.  Other plagues will follow just as surely as night follows day, and bust follows boom.  Food price inflation, and shortages in many places in the world, are already being reported…and will spread.

If the pattern of the original Exodus repeats, and I believe that it will – at some point, then other judgments against the false ‘mighty ones’ of the current worldly systems of the modern versions of Babylon and Mitzraim will follow.  Possible candidates for that humiliation are literally legion, and perhaps fun to speculate about…from “science” – like the false creator called “evolution” to nature worship “herself” …to medicine and “pharmacopoeia”…to “institutions” like Washington, Wall Street, and Hollywood.  (Although perhaps it could be argued that some of those are already plagues in their own right.)

We are at an interesting juncture today.

We have not yet begun to see our Creator make a “division” between His people and those who serve Pharaoh and Caesar…if indeed He that is part of His plan at all during this cycle. But IF He chooses to do so, it evidently still lies somewhere in the future. He has, however, without question, promised us blessings for obedience to Him, and eventually to deliver us out of all the lands where we have been scattered.  There will be much more to do, of course, as we prepare ourselves to come out of her.  Just as He has always done, He has given us instruction as to what we should know, and how to follow Him.

Meanwhile, all of us will have to put up with the frogs, and the coming lice.  It is best to be prepared, either way.

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