The Weapons: Lies and Fear vs Truth and Faith

Are these “THE Last Days”?  (Yes, we know that we can see from Scripture that we have been in the ‘last days’ for centuries at this point…but I hope you know what I really mean!)


I won’t argue with those who believe — and can support with “legions” of evidence — that the times spoken of by Yahushua in Matthew chapter 24 are ‘very’ near at hand:  we can certainly “know the season”.  And I’ve said before, and think the evidence is increasingly undeniable, that these are definitely the “last days” for the fiat U$ Dollar — which is not “lawful money”, but IS a “dishonest weight” and thus an abomination to YHVH.  (See Deut. 25:15; Lev. 19:35;  Proverbs 11:1, etc, etc.)

But what seems most obvious now is that the primary weapons of the Adversary — deception and fear — are ever more prevalent.  We are bombarded with propaganda on every front – from economics to politics to “religion” – and most of it seems directed at turning the instruction of Scripture literally on its head; calling “evil” good, and good, “evil”.  What YHVH calls “abomination” is taught in schools, spent as “money”, supported by public spending, and increasingly, mandated by what passes for “law”.  Matthew 24 warns that, by such lies, many will be “led astray”,  torah-less-ness will be “multiplied”, and that it will be so pervasive that even the “elect” might be deceived.

Lies are the weapon used by our adversary to “open the door” to what follows.  In order to be effective, however; to “draw us out” from under the covering and protection of obedience to YHVH, we have to BELIEVE the lie.  It is action, as a result of having accepted something else, or “another master”, as the author of ‘truth’ instead of our Creator, that is truly deadly.  Once the seed of lies has been planted, it is fear which truly brings forth the evil fruit.

And now, the daily news from the world seems to be focused on THAT tool.  In the economic realm, people fear the loss of their jobs, their pensions, their life savings, their homes.  (And not, it must be stated, without some valid reason!  Economic systems built on the abomination of “dishonest measures”, like fiat dollars, ALWAYS fail.  But we have been warned.)  People have been conditioned to fear “terror”, or “mass shootings”, or any number of other things which in fact kill fewer people than swimming pools, cars, or prescription drugs — but it is “fear” that seems to be the goal.  And as a result, others fear the loss of their “privacy” (meaning what would ONCE have been called the criminal violation of their houses, bodies, dignity, and God-given Rights), their guns, or their lives.  Whether it is killer drones, killer viruses, or a police state run amok, the political class and their media have SOME kind of fear to peddle to every taste.  For those who live in, and serve, “the world” – there will be PLENTY to fear!

The lament of Job 3:25 seems to apply today as well:  “For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, And what I dreaded has happened to me.”  Just as Isaiah 66:4 warns can happen again!

It has been said that “fear is the weapon of Satan, in the same way that faith is the weapon of Yah.”  I submit that the statement, while not explicitly found in Scripture, is certainly consistent with the themes that it consistently teaches.   For example, it has also been said that the instruction to “fear NOT” appears in the Bible more than any other admonition (over 900 times, including through His messengers, although I don’t claim to have made the count myself!)

So it should come as no surprise that, as the “last days” draw ever closer, the weapons of the “prince of this world” should be brought into place, and exposed.  Indeed, “men’s hearts will fail them for fear” at what will eventually be seen coming upon the earth.

But the issue is Who WE serve!  Who is OUR Protector, our Shield, our Strength, our “exceedingly great reward,” our King, our “Banner”, our ultimate “Commander”?  Scripture calls Him “Yahuah Tzevaot” or YHVH of Hosts, and says (Exodus 15:3) that He is “THE Man!” when it comes to war.  The primary message of the Exodus, it seems clear, is that He wanted the world, and particularly the Sons (or Children) of Israel — meaning US if we want to be His — to KNOW Him.  “Ani YHVH!” says the Word, over and over:  “I AM YHVH” — essentially, “I AM Who I SAY that I AM, and I WILL DO what I have said I WILL DO.”

And, just as during that first Exodus, we are to “come out of” the world, the “new Babylon”, or new Egypt, and thus avoid the coming, downright fearful, plagues.  We must leave the “protection” of Pharoh, or Caesar, or even Big Brother, and serve only Him.  TRUST only Him, too!  We fight the FEAR engendered by the Adversary with faith in YHVH and His promises.

If we don’t KNOW Him, and know His character, and understand that we can literally stake our lives on His promises — because He WILL keep them — we have plenty of reason to “be afraid, be VERY afraid.”

But if we DO know Him, and serve Him, and walk in obedience to Him, there is nothing whatsoever to fear.  And because we KNOW the Truth, the lies become obvious.

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