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Come out of her, My people

A live, weekly Scripture-based examination of what it means — from the Scriptural to the nuts-and-bolts practical — to come out of a political, religious, and economic system which is increasingly being revealed to be corrupt to the core.

The show originates from the Hebrew Nation Radio network in Oregon, and is available live via KPJC AM (1220 kHz, Bend/Salem area) and via the web from

on Thursdays, 4 PM Pacific time, 5 PM Mountain.

All shows are available in podcast (download) form as well.  They are fee to all after the initial airing for a period of time, but then archived for Hebrew Nation Radio “Members only”.

Daily News Show

This half-hour review of breaking news is focused on understanding current events from both a Scriptural and Constitutional perspective, and in particular to reveal much of the propaganda that colors much of what issues from the waste-stream major media.

KPJC AM, 1220 AM, Bend/Salem, Oregon.

Monday through Friday,  12:30 PM Pacific time, 1:30 PM Mountain

Podcasts (and RSS feed subscriptions) are available at:

Hebrew Nation Online Podcasts

for all shows – the “Come out of her, My people” show each Thursday,  the daily news show, the Torah Teacher’s Round Table – Apostolic Edition, and Drive Time Friday.

Drive Time Friday

This weekly one-hour show is hosted by Mark Call, Jeff Gilbert and Daniel Holdings, and is a review of the major events of the week just past.  Like other shows, the podcast is also available via Hebrew Nation Radio, at:

Torah Teachers Round Table- Haftorah Edition

Mark is also a regular participant on the weekly “Torah Teachers’ Round Table”  — where Scripture teachings from both the Apostolic Writings (‘New’ Testament, to some) and the haftorah (prophets) are regular topics of discussion.  Podcasts are available from the same source – at Hebrew Nation Radio.


He frequently appears on other shows and interviews as well.


 Shabbat Shalom Mesa Fellowship

Mark is the primary teacher and worship leader at the “Shabbat Shalom Mesa Fellowship” in the southern Colorado mountains, near the town of San Luis.  Most of those who attend with us, as is perhaps no surprise, do so on-line, via the web.  There are several ways to join in live, too – either interactively via the “Paltalk Room” named “WalkingTorah at Shabbat Shalom Mesa” or through audio-only links:

The room will only be visible when it is “open” or active.

Walking Torah

Mark does a weekly teaching on  the Walking Torah (with Shabbat Shalom Mesa) room within Paltalk.    That room is open LIVE, each and every Sabbath (Saturday morning) beginning at 8:30 AM Mountain Time; the audio may again be heard via the same links as the Shabbat Shalom Mesa services, too —  via Shoutcheap (including on smartphones and pad devices).


Mark’s on-line Bible Teachings are archived on WayToZion, by year.


Mark Call –  2016 Torah Teachings

(previous years are similar in format)

e.g. — 2013 Teachings


Mark Call – “Come out of her” Course – 40 hours   (individual teaching segments, parts 1 through 33)    [this link seem to have disappeared temporarily; perhaps it will be re-linked later]


Comments and questions?

Contact Mark via:

4 Responses to “Audio: Radio shows and Worship Services”

  1. Laurie Buck says:

    Blessings to you Mark,
    Would you please let me know how to receive your latest posts and interviews and broadcasts? The preferred method would be to have the links sent directly to my email.
    Thank you so much,
    ~Laurie Buck

  2. mark says:

    There should be an RSS feed link available at the bottom of the page here, Laurie, and you can subscribe that way if you like.

    The podcasts I do via Hebrew Nation Radio (daily news and weekly “Come out of her” show) are available on the “links” page here, or available through their podcast server for subscription as well.

  3. Mary K. Abel says:

    Hi Mark,
    I used to listen to this station.. til my pc kicked the bucket. But thank
    YHWH I found and heard on or
    shortwave 13.845.
    I am listening to you right now as I write this email at the library.
    Did you hear about the Nasa object hurling into our atmosphere
    tomorrow afternoon?.. Not supposed to hit the US of A.. they say
    but do they have a very good track record.. starting with nine-eleven and Katrina and
    on to recent times…

    Have you ever listened to William at the Keystone treasure?
    or have you been here?
    I love these music sites..

    others that may interest you–

  4. cornman Wes says:

    Hey Brother, hello from sw MN. Did you ever hear Paul Harvey from 1965 ” if I were the devil” broadcast? Check it out.


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