Parsha “Bereshiet”– teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

This week is again a bit different, not only because the old annual Torah cycle is now complete, along with the final of the Fall Feasts, but because “Bereshiet,” or ‘In The Beginning,’ is itself unique. And so absolutely packed full of fundamentally critical information, upon which literally EVERYTHING else in the Bible ultimately rests, that it’s a virtual impossibility to do it justice in just a single week’s study.

Mark begins not only “in the beginning”, but with a recap of why the first characters in the Book, in the original language, constitutes some of the mostly “densely-packed” information in existence. From there, it’s important that our Creator “knew the end from the beginning,” which goes a long way to explaining why the Book doesn’t simply END at chapter 3.

Also a bit different this week is the format of the presentation. Although taught in the usual two parts, this time the whole teaching is presented as a whole:

“Bereshiet:  REAL Foundations – and Why They Are Being Destroyed”


The link to the Hebrew Nation Radio page for the teaching is here.

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