Parsha “Re’eh”– teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa Fellowship takes a two-part look at what at the thrid in the set of the most foundational parashot in the whole of Torah, “Re’eh” (Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17). Yes, it’s still a hard-hitting, undeniable condemnation of the Whore Church and its idolatry, not to mention what has become of AmeriKa, and thus why and what we are to “come out” of those ‘lies we have inherited from our fathers.”

The Erev Shabbat overview:

The Sabbath Day ‘deeper look’ will — AGAIN — upset some. It should. Perhaps even more than the last parsha, because this one is just so “in your face” undeniable. And the consequences are literally, life and death.

If we even begin to understand the depth of the instruction in this parsha, we can see how abhorrent the idolatry that once got the ‘sons of Israel’ – BOTH kingdoms, northern and southern, “kicked out” of the land is to Him. And STILL IS!

First Moses, then many other prophets warned of the ‘curses’ which come as a consequence of rebellion to Yahuah. Today, what can only be called accurately the ‘whore church’ tells people to accept idolatry that Yah Himself calls “abomination.” They espouse some of the biggest lies in human history, including that He Himself did away with His own Word, and ‘nailed it to the cross.’ Because He somehow isn’t the same, “yesterday, today, and tomorrow,” that He can’t be trusted to keep His promises, and that when He said “not one yod or tiddle” of His instruction (‘torah’) will pass as long as heaven and earth still exist – obviously He was lying.

For those that have trouble explaining to friends and family just exactly what we should “come out of,” and why, this parsha continues to build on the foundation already established.

Given how unequivocal it is, and how clear it is that if “another jesus, whom we have NOT preached,” had in fact, “done away with the Law,” then he would have been a liar and the truth not in him. Deuteronomy 13, in this parsha, makes it clear why such a false prophet WOULD be deserving of death, and why Yahushua made it so clear that He would NOT change so much as “one yod or tiddle” of His Instruction so long as heaven and earth still exist.

No wonder the whore church would prefer we not read this.

He HATES idolatry. And the world literally wallows in it today.

Yet what begins this portion is one of the most fundamental ideas in Scripture, and the nature of what it means that He made us human: We have a CHOICE.

Just about every lie that we have “inherited from our fathers” in the whore church, and pagan world, is in this parsha, one way or another, from what is NOT food, to what ARE His set-apart times.

Be forewarned. This one, too, will be troubling to those who “have not a love of the Truth.” But that lesson has again, never been more important.

“Re’eh: The Curses Should Be Obvious By Now”

The combined two-part teaching is here, via Hebrew Nation Radio.

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