Parsha “Nitzavim” teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

This parsha, Nitzavim (Deuteronomy 29:10-30:20) is short, not quite even two chapters, but exceptionally concise, and contains what Mark suggests is one of the best “two-word summaries” of His Torah in the Bible: “Choose LIFE!”

Here is the Erev Shabbat overview of the entire portion:

This parsha is also one of the best ‘proof texts’ to debunk some of THE biggest lies in human history:
“the ‘Law’ has been done away with…” and “nailed to the cross.” And “NOBODY could POSSIBLY, EVER, keep THE LAW” (except, maybe, ‘another jesus whom we have not preached.’)

When it comes to things that are, TRULY, a matter of “life and death,” Mark doesn’t pull any punches.

While there are many second – and third – witnesses in Scripture to the fact, as well as the ‘how,’ and the ‘why,’ that His Word has been twisted for so many centuries to deny the Truth that the Messiah never changed His own Written Word — much less did away with any even tiny part of it! — this parsha is singularly undeniable.

Nitzavim: “Choose LIFE!”

The combined two-part podcast is here, via Hebrew Nation Radio.

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