Parsha “B’shalach” teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

This week’s Torah portion begins immediately AFTER the ‘plagues of Egypt’, in parsha ‘B’shalach,’ (Exodus 13:17 through chapter 17), and includes one of the most famous miracles in the entire Book – the ‘parting of the Red Sea’ (OK, more accurately the Sea of Reeds).

Again, the bottom line for the signs, miracles, and plagues is “Ani YHVH!”. And this time there’s a specific instruction as a result — albeit one that the ‘whore church’ has ignored, often even lied about, for centuries.

On Erev Shabbat, as usual, Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa goes through the whole story….

During the Sabbath day ‘more-in-depth’ study, Mark again returns to the concept of cycles, and what the specifics of THIS pattern might tell us about OTHER cycles, like the one of truly “Biblical proportions” that we are now in. But, WHERE? It is certainly interesting to look for prophetic parallels, and indications from accounts like this one to attempt to establish “where we are” on a timeline. No doubt there are some major differences in things that we can look at, such as levels of ‘faith,’ or obedience to Yah, or even more consistent patterns like human nature itself.

But the Sabbath day teaching this week definitely explores a slightly different, admittedly even “nerdy”, way to examine the problem.

We can look at patterns in TIME, such as ‘what happens when,’ and in what order, or we can look at them in other ways, such as, what happens over and over again, and how often. And even, which of those things might end up being so important, that some later observers, or the Messiah Himself might point them out as having special significance. If they repeat regularly, like every seven days, or at the same time each year, a nerd with an engineer’s perspective, like Mark, might even say we can talk about them in the ‘frequency domain.’

All the more reason to look very closely into what the story is teaching us. They saw the cloud – and the miracles – in person. But we have an advantage they did NOT.

“B’shalach: Cycles and Patterns – from the Time Domain to Prophecy”

The combined two-part podcast is here, via Hebrew Nation Radio.

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