Parsha “Nitzavim” teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

As the annual Torah cycle begins to come to conclusion, the parsha this week (Nitzavim, Deuteronomy 29:10 through chapter 30) is the one that Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa Fellowship suggests — especially given season and confluence of global events at literally Biblical levels — is perhaps the most vital of all.

It’s certainly one of the most ignored. Perhaps because it refutes so unequivocally the what is probably the Biggest Lie of the last 17 centuries.

The sequence begins with the Erev Shabbat reading, which not only refutes that Big Lie (and its corollaries) but includes what Mark suggests is the most concise “two word” summary OF Scripture IN Scripture, “Choose life!”

The Sabbath teaching this week is for those who are starting to realize the EXTENT to which we have “inherited lies from our fathers.” But, more importantly, what we can do NOW to walk in His Truth. It’s even a “wooden stake” in that vampire of a lie that attempts to proclaim the Savior Himself a liar, that He “did away with” His own “law”, or ‘nailed it to the cross.’

Now, more obviously that it’s ever even been before, that is a lie unto death. It’s vital we be ready to refute it, give a reason for the hope within us, and choose life!

“Nitzavim: No, it’s NOT too hard for you. But it IS a Life and Death!”

The combined two-part podcast is here, via Hebrew Nation Radio.

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Semi-retired electronic engineer, turned author and lecturer; occasional radio talk show host, and motivated Torah/Bible teacher. Also an avid private pilot (Private, ASEL, Inst), radio amateur, scuba diver, and aspiring sailor.
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