Parsha “Vayetze” teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

This week’s teaching will undoubtedly upset some. It should.

If there is something that Scripture forbids, or – worse still, calls “abomination” (toebah in the Hebrew) – the ‘prince of this world’ that now openly runs AmeriKa will not only call it ‘good,’ but teach children, subsidize, and ultimately MANDATE.

This week the disgusting excuse for a “US Senate” passed what they called the “Respect for Marriage [sic] Act” – which has NO respect for what YHVH ordained, but does glorify the Abomination. The Fake Fuhrer, parroting the lie that “love is love,” will be Proud to put his ‘X’ on it.

Meanwhile, the Torah portion Vayetze (Genesis 28:10-32:3) this week is about as opposite an example as you will find.  It’s Very Politically Incorrect, for exactly the reasons that the Adversary and the Whore Church who serves him just plain hates.

And Mark makes it as clear as he can, and as Scripture DOES, why there has never been a more important time to read His Word – ALL of it, As Written! – than now.

It’s time. Buckle up.

First, the parsha itself, from the Erev Shabbat session:

Then, it’s time to confront what may be the biggest not-so-golden calf that has anything to do with ‘marriage’ – or what has been done to it.  Before there was Licensed Sodomy, or puberty blockers for toddlers, or genital mutilation for kiddies, or anything that followed like flies to a corpse, there was “Rome”.  And its modern incarnation.

Yes, Yakov (Jacob) has more than one wife; four, in fact. Yes, that was how YHVH chose to bring about His blessing and His promise – that through a set of unions in accord with His Instruction that the Whore Church doesn’t like at ALL, and maybe the ONLY real marriages that Big Brother has NO ‘respect’ for – “all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

Funny, isn’t it. How entrenched is REAL Roman Paganism when so many who claim to ‘follow Him’ would rather take the mark than admit the obvious?

Are we willing to drop the Xtian Baggage?

Ultimately, it is about “Who is to be Master – that is all.”

“Vayetze:  From Romans 13 to Xmas – Yakov vs the Whore Church”


With special thanks to PeteR, this teaching is also available in video form:

The combined two-part podcast is here, via Hebrew Nation Radio.

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