Parsha “Nitzavim” teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

Parsha Nitzavim [“you are standing THIS Day…” from Deuteronomy 29:9 through chapter 30] contains what Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa contend is one of the most graphic and undeniable refutations of some of THE Biggest Lies in all xtianity…things that are NOT in the Real Book, but get taught in sun-god-day skool as if they actually were.

It also contains THE singular Two Word Summary of not only His Instruction, but how to “rightly divide the Word,” which applies even if it even appears to the ‘uneducated and untaught’ as if there is some conflict.

The Erev Shabbat reading makes it clear:

The Sabbath midrash explores the depth of the Big Lie that most of us were taught – wrongly – in a church which first tried to claim “the Law” was “done away with,” and then followed up with the caveat, that, well, ‘NOBODY but jesus could possibly KEEP it anyway!’

Worse, is that both of them try to claim the Creator and Author of Scripture Himself is a liar for so clearly saying otherwise!

But ALL of that comes to a head in this parsha, where the lessons of this season’s Fall Feasts combine with a ‘greater Exodus,’ still to come, to show WHY those lies are so devastating.

“Nitzavim: Debunking the Big Lie that’s NOT in The Book – with His RIGHTEOUSNESS”

The combined two-part teaching is here, via Hebrew Nation Radio.

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