Parsha “Vayakhel” teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

Parsha ‘Vayakhel,’ (Exodus 35:1 through chapter 38:20) is named for the root word which means “assembled,” and this is the second time we see that word appear in Scripture. The first was in the last parsha, where ‘the people assembled,’ and it turned out to be against Aaron, to demand the infamous ‘golden calf.’ This time is different.

The Erev Shabbat reading:

The Torah portion this week is almost a ‘jumping-off point’ for the situation we see in the world today. Immediately following one of the most tragic, and arguably destructive, events in history, Moses “assembles the children of Israel together,” to hear what comes next.

First, a reminder about His sabbaths. Then, what it will be that they will be able to BUILD together. All those with “willing hearts,” and “wise hearts.”

Isn’t that an amazing contrast to today? When the focus is on destroying – putting to ruin not only what has been built, but making a mockery of even the idea that He might be able to “dwell among us.”

It is that contrast that reveals so much of the lie now. It is a far cry between a “cheerful giver” of dishonest fiat, and a “willing heart,” to do the WORK that He has for us!

Vayakhel: Willing Hearts, or Cheerful Givers?”

The combined two-part teaching is here, via Hebrew Nation Radio.

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