Parsha “Metzora” teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

Parsha “Metzora” (Leviticus chapters 14 through 15) is almost like “part two” of something many people might tend to skip over anyway.

But don’!

After all, this malady hasn’t been seen in – at least! – many centuries. So how could it possibly be SO relevant to exactly what is happening now?

Start with this question:

How is it that so many people could be duped into injecting something into their bodies that turned out to modify their DNA and destroy their immune system? And many of them even believe two men can have a baby, or that someone who cuts off their genitalia can be magically transformed into some other ‘gender’.

Yet they laugh at people for suggesting that some ancient ritual involving two birds might have something to do with cleansing a skin problem?

You can’t see a ‘virus’, any more than a radio wave. Or a demon. Or a DNA double-helix.

How do we know what is ‘technology,’ and what is ‘magic?’ Or superstition.

Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship suggests that the more something in the Bible — especially where there is SO much detail about it! — that doesn’t seem at ALL relevant now, just might end up being vital. Especially when we figure out just what we’re up against.

The Erev Shabbat reading is again about the details:

The Sabbath teaching and midrash lays out the key question. And the conundrum.

Metzora: How can we believe in ‘magic’ but not Scripture?”

The combined two-part teaching is here:

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