Insidious Creeping Paganism

Most people who have begun to understand what Revelation 18:4 means — where we are admonished to “come out of her, My people“, so that we do not participate in the sins of a corrupt “Babylonian” system or suffer from her coming plagues — recognize that a return to keeping Sabbath and His “appointed times” is one of the first steps.  Separating ourselves from obvious abominations like Halloween and the pagan trappings of Xmas (Jer. 10, etc) soon become similarly part of the process, even if that is not necessarily easy at first.

But there is another element of the Babylonian ‘mindset’ that is equally pervasive, and arguably equally destructive — even if it may appear to be harder to understand.  This is no doubt because it is also deeply rooted not only in pagan goddess worship, but protected by the mantle of “political correctness”.  It is the modern fallacy that men and women must somehow be made “equal” — even though His instructions for us clearly have countless distinctions — and that marriage has now “changed” so that it no longer follows the patriarchal model of Scripture.

In fact, the PC-mindset is often so deeply ingrained that even a word like ‘patriarchy’ seems to inspire many to anger, and makes it difficult for some seekers of His Truth even to be willing to read further.  But that is the point of this article!  And while neither the domineering autocrat or the “sole breadwinner” (see Proverbs 31!) who “brings home the bacon” are patriarchal models particularly supported by Scripture, these seem to be the typical pictures invoked by those who rebel against what is actually Written.  Television, in other words, often does not paint a realistic picture of what YHVH describes a marriage should be.

Whether this particular Big Lie is called ‘egalitarianism’, or even ‘radical feminism’, it is rooted in the hubris of the Whore of Babylon who will not repent of her idolatry (Rev. 18:5-7).  It is about why the ten tribes of Israel were sent into exile for idolatry (spiritual adultery).  It is about the worship of a ‘goddess’ who will not submit to the Authority of the Creator of the Universe, and instead says “I will see no sorrow.”  It is about Authority, and rebellion, and — eventually — repentance (tshuvah) and submission.   And it is a demonic doctrine which attempts to undermine the most important concepts in Scripture – from covering and Covenant to Redemption.

But the fact is that men and women are different, and have different functions in His plan for us.  “Male and female He created them” is a succinct statement of the fact that our Creator made us that way — for His own very good reasons.   And His instruction (torah) for us spells out different responsibilities and commandments for men and women as a result.  The Hebrew word “tamim” (complete, but unfortunately often rendered as “perfect”)  has a different connotation in His Word than most English-speakers recognize.  A better way to understand the word might be “fit for the PURPOSE for WHICH HE MADE US”.   We are different:  not “equal”, and certainly not better, or worse, or any such twisting of His intent.   Properly understood, that is a clear blessing*.

While entire good books** could be (and have been) written on the topic, a short article like this one can serve primarily as an introduction, and an admonition to be like the Bereans, and “search out the Truth for yourself“.  And, as is so often the case, the place to begin is “In the Beginning“, or Bereshiet (Genesis).

The essential elements of the story which concern authority and responsibility follow in chapter two.  They may be summarized, admittedly too briefly, as follows:

HaAdam (literally, ‘the man’) was first formed.  (“Temporal authority”)
Adam was tasked to give names to all the animals.  (“Naming authority”).  Later, Adam gave Chava (‘Eve’) her name as well.

(In the process, no “etzer kenegdo“, or suitable “helper” was found for him.  While in hindsight we might now consider the point obvious, it is clear that YHVH had His reasons for the activity!)

Chava (Eve) was created FOR ‘the man’ (HaAdam).
Chava was created FROM the man.
YHVH brought Chava TO the man.

Adam was given the commandment NOT to eat of the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” before the creation of his wife (“isha”).  Scripture is silent about whether she “added to” the single simple commandment (by including the “neither shall you touch it” clause) or her husband did.  But, either way, it helped give the serpent (“nacash”) more than enough room to twist the truth with the famous “Two First Lies” in history.

Perhaps the most important clue in the story is contained in Gen. 3:7, however.  Read it carefully!  Chava ate first; whether it was seconds, minutes, or hours, later that her covering failed is also not part of the detail we are given.  But what IS clear is that ONLY when he finally ate, were the “eyes of BOTH of them opened“!

And — arguably the most important point of all — it is Adam who was held responsible by YHVH.  (See Rom. 5:12, I Tim. 2:13-14, etc, and note that the principle is outlined in Numbers 30:15 as well.)  This in fact MUST be the case, and it is the reason why the understanding of authority and literally the reason for the ENTIRE REST OF THE BOOK follows as a direct result!

Tom Shipley’s book*** summarizes the importance of the understanding this way:

“If Adam was not the lawful authority over Eve before the fall, then Adam’s sin could not logically be imputed to Eve or his other descendants.  If Adam’s authority over Eve is denied, then the imputation of Adam’s sin to his other descendants is denied as well.”

And then what would be the point of the sacrifice of our Messiah?

The whole story of the remainder of Scripture is about reconciliation with Him via His provision for us!

Shipley concludes, ” If the doctrine of Adam’s headship over Eve is denied, then we are left logically without a Gospel!”

The insidious doctrine of egalitarianism, with its denial of Scriptural authority and headship, goes far beyond even the carnage we see in so many “semi-Biblical” marriages today, which have a form of Torah-obedience, but ‘deny the power thereof’.  There is a blessing for obedience to our Creator, and much to be gained from continued study of His Word.  But, much like Halloween, some pagan doctrines and practices which might seem innocent enough are literally attacks on the most fundamental principle of His torah.

Do not be fooled!  Since we know (Isaiah 46:8, etc) that YHVH literally declared the end from the Beginning,  those who look forward to the eventual “Wedding Feast of the Lamb” as prospective brides must understand how the pieces fit together, and under Whose Authority they desire to be.


“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love YHVH, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”
Romans 8:28

**  Such as Man and Woman in Biblical Law, by Thomas Shipley
    ISBN Number: 978-0-557-52900-1

***  Ibid., p. 5

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