“Come out of her” Q & A Show

Question:  “So what exactly can we do to begin bringing ourselves out of babylon? What can I do NOW? Apart from growing and catching my own food and rain-water.



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Come out of her, My people Show link – 19 January, 2012

MP3 file for 19 January CooH Show

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Semi-retired electronic engineer, turned author and lecturer; occasional radio talk show host, and motivated Torah/Bible teacher. Also an avid private pilot (Private, ASEL, Inst), radio amateur, scuba diver, and aspiring sailor.
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2 Responses to “Come out of her” Q & A Show

  1. Lilly Barton says:

    Hello Mark, I was “be-dazzled” to hear you read ‘my’ question on ‘your’ show as to what we can do NOW to come out of her…my husband and I absolutely love your teachings, my husband Bob came out of contantinianism 6 yrs ago and I “thankfully” was never indoctrinated by the church-I only attended a church for 1 year when I realised who this Messiah I had heard about might be, I didn’t even know who this “Paul” person was that everyone was always quoting…

    …but I quickly realised it was all wrong, esp. when it came to the ‘forever” things in Torah and so I started attending a Messianic Synagogue here in Ocala,FL…having re-located from Phillie, there I met my husband Bob, who had ‘ironically’ relocated from Philadelphia as well and was just ordained as a Rabbi–we hate that title ‘Rabbi’ as we realise there is only ONE RABBI!

    But we reached a plateau at this congregation as well…they are teaching Takanot, we tried to teach the truth and the so-called Senior Leader/Rabbi there was humble enough to say that he is ‘teachable’ but his wife controls him-she refuses to involk Abbas’ name, refuses to allow the women to carry/touch the Torah during Simcha Torah, teaches that lighting the Shabbat candles is a Holy command, insists on giving xmas gifts during Channukah (not that this is a Holy day),teaches that the serpent that tempted Chavah wasn’t HaSatan but only a very ‘crafty’ animal also they refuse to read Revelation (as that would frighten the people/sheeple),they will only have Pesach on the 7th day Shabbat (because they think no one would show-up otherwise)and NOT on its ‘appointed’ time as commanded in TORAH and many other UNbiblical teachings…

    …so we believe Father has brought us out of there and we are seeking deeper TRUTH and revelation, we have been praying to Abba to take us to our next step and we believe he is answering….and Mark you are right in that it doesn’t look like what we thought it might.

    We have been presented with an opportunity to have a ‘prison’ ministry of sorts…this is completely out of our comfort zone…but isn’t that just like Father to see how far out of our boxes we will dare to tread for HIS glory? You see there is this prisoner in-for life, who single-handedly by his own efforts and I’m certain the “Ruach Hakodesh” was able to have a bill passed in the entire State of Florida to offer “Messianic/Nazarene” (if you will) services in all prisons in this state because he was bold enough to speak-out and say it wasn’t fair that the christians and ortodox-jews have their own services but none were available for his faith- isn’t that amazing?

    …long story short-this letter made its way into my hands(which instantly gave me goose-bumps) and I quickly showed it to Bob, we replied to the call and are now waiting to hear back, as I type, Bob is in the backyard securing rain water barrels and we have also started our very own garden, we also feel we should purchase a few acres and begin to raise goats and chickens (pig and GMO-free of-course!) but we haven’t yet received confirmation from Father as to the location- so we will wait for that to be presented to us just as the prison opportunity has been.

    Bob and I would love to meet with you some time- are you in Colorado? I finished high school in Denver. Do you ever travel to Florida? I hope this email hasn’t been too long and boring for you! We just want you to know you are a Wonderful communicator, may Shalom be upon you and your ministry.

  2. Manuel says:

    hey, this was a good and ieitrnsetng read. I agree with the reflections about a sabbath rest. We have tried to have that, from time to time, with failure as our end result. We had some SDA friends who managed to observe it, well, religiously, and I always had a sort of envy there. Not that we are incapable of same, just unsuccessful as yet. Our new church feels sabbathy, so thats something.Teresa

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