Self-evident Truths

June 30th, 2011

Every year about this time, I find myself thinking about the miracle of how a bunch of different men, with varied religious backgrounds, and a history of some fairly significant disagreements, managed to come together and “walk in unity” – unanimously, even – in order to literally pledge, and risk, “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” over an idea:

that we are “endowed by our Creator” with Rights, which come not from any earthly government of man, but from Him alone.

That there is a “Law” which has been given to us by the Supreme Legislator of the Universe.  And that “to secure these Rights, governments are instituted among men”.

And isn’t it “funny”, in hindsight, that the fact that there IS a God — that He created us — is so undeniable that it goes without saying?  After all, the “self-evident Truths” involve the fact that He GAVE us Rights, and that those Rights therefore cannot be “aliened” by any government of fallen men; of COURSE He has to exist in order to do that!

There is no doubt that there were differences among those men in their “doctrines”, their interpretation of Scripture, and arguably even in how they perceived Who that Creator was, and what He had Written meant to them.  But they were able to agree on what was written there in spite of them.  The major points were just, well, obvious.

They were able to walk together in agreement because they held that certain Truths were “self-evident”.  Undeniable.  So important, as a matter of fact, that everyone who signed the document, and pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” was willing to die for them.  The crime of treason, which they knew their signatures on that document meant, carried the death penalty.

After studying the history of that period of time, and the incredible obstacles presented by the requirement for a unanimous agreement to declare those thirteen colonies independent of a despotic monarch, I am personally persuaded that they had, shall we say, Help in working out those differences.  Nevertheless, the principles that they set forth in that document served to outline the legal basis for the government that was to follow.   As such, I have long considered the Declaration of Independence to be the greatest document ever written originally in the English language.

But the disappointing fact is that so many “Truths….” once held to be “…self-evident” are now not only ignored but denied by so many people.  This is really not surprising at all, given the disdain of so many today for the Word of YHVH.  If a ‘government’ refuses to even acknowledge now that He EXISTS, how can it admit that His authority is superior to theirs?  And a people who attempt to deny what has been Written by the Hand of the Creator Himself,  can certainly show equal or greater contempt for all other so-called “law” as well.  A “living constitution” is no law at all…unless enforced at the barrel of a gun…by those ALLOWED to have the guns, today.  And, of course, it no longer means what it SAYS it means, in actual writing; it means what THEY say is was supposed to mean.

Many of us, who have ‘come out of’ what Scripture repeatedly calls the “whore” — a system, or a ‘church’, which puts other “mighty ones”, other gods, or “elohim”, in his place, have become frustrated at the refusal of ‘the world’ to see what we see.  After we begin to study, it seems obvious that He never changed His Sabbaths.  When He says, “I change NOT”  (Malachi 3:6), or that He is the same “yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8) and “came not to change one yod or tiddle” of His own torah (instruction) so long as “heaven and earth” still exist, we know what that means.  Pieces begin to fall into place.  He didn’t change our bodies, either…what He said was “food” is STILL food, and what was not is still not…men are still men, women remain women, and His instruction about marriage still applies, too — just as it has since He Wrote it down for us.

We might think some of those things are self-evident.  But the Truth remains that He Wrote it down for us for a reason.  Fallen men lie.  They change the meaning of words.  They “add to” and “subtract from” what is Written — in spite of His commandments to the contrary.

The Founders understood Scripture.  History records that the single most quoted work, most referenced book among ALL of the history and texts referenced during the Revolutionary period, the letters of the “Committees of Correspondence”, and the debates leading up to the Declaration, the Articles of Confederation, and later the Constitution, was the Book of Deuteronomy.

Neither the English “Common Law” (referenced directly in the Constitution) nor the references to God in the Declaration of Independence can be understood completely outside of a Biblical context.  Note, for example, that there are precisely THREE additional references to Him in the Declaration, outside of the use of the “Creator”: He is the “Supreme Judge of the world”, the Legislator, who gave us the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”, and the King, or Protector, called “Divine Providence”.  How many people who now try to deny that ALL subsequent law in these formerly-united States is based on the principles outlined in the Declaration are ignorant of the fact that those three references come directly from Isaiah 33:22?   The King James version of that verse says, “For the LORD is our Judge, The LORD is our Lawgiver, The LORD is our King; He will save us.”  And from that specific set of references, added during the debates over the document itself, forms the basis for what is known as the “separation of powers”.  The Founders knew and agreed that man was fallen, and would seek to acquire power over time.  “In His hands ONLY”, they agreed, could such powers be combined!

We can take several lessons from things which are rarely still talked about, but vitally important, at this time of the year.  Law is Written down for us for a reason!  Even things that might once have been “self-evident” can become twisted over time by fallen men, and the deceit of the Adversary.  And it IS still possible to “walk in agreement”, even unanimously, when we are willing to trust and be led by Him…our Judge, our Lawgiver, and our King.  He WILL save us, just as He promises.

Finally, there is a message as well for those of us who have been frustrated by not being able to “get through” to some of our friends or family…who don’t seem to want to read the Bible like the Bereans…as it is Written.  Sometimes a different approach can make a difference.  If you can’t get people to read the Bible with you most of the time, try this:  See if you can get them to read just the first couple of paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence, just this once, during this time.  Perhaps they’ll see the point that way, and it will eventually get to be “self-evident” that it is True.

Shavuot, and “Teachability”

June 13th, 2011

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May 31st, 2011

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The Curse of “Lawlessness”

May 31st, 2011

The events of the past few weeks have left an objective observer little choice but to conclude that much of the world is heading into what can reasonably be called “lawlessness”… from wars in northern Africa and the Mideast, to riots in Greece.   But it is in the United States where that word may be most appropriate, as so many recent court decisions and acts of Congress have literally turned centuries-old principles of law on their heads.

In Indiana, that state’s Supreme Court recently even made the astounding claim that the hapless residents there are not allowed to resist their police-state masters EVEN when armed men* enter their homes in COMPLETE violation of the law!  Thus, in one evil blow, the ‘court’ overturned not only the few remaining shreds of the 4th Amendment from the Bill of Rights, but even the eight century-old principles of the Magna Carta as well…that a “man’s home is his castle”.  In Texas, the state House overwhelmingly passed a bill to protect the citizens there from abuse by the TSA, saying that those who commit sexual assault, even in airports, by groping passengers in a form offensive to “reasonable” people, would actually be held accountable for the crime.  Before that bill could even pass the Senate, however, the Feds and TSA — like the legendary Godfather played by Marlon Brando —  “made them an offer they couldn’t refuse”.  They literally threatened to shut down all air traffic into the entire state if they failed to submit to their federal masters.  Texas caved.  And – although it really was no surprise – the US Congress again “renewed” the hideously-misnamed “Patriot” Act, confirming that  “we don’t need no steenkin’ warrants”, either.

Very little of what was once the “Bill of Rights” survives today.  And people who once believed in a “rule of law” wonder what happened.  In hindsight, however, the Truth is as simple as “we reap what we sow”.  In previous months, we have explored some of the ways in which dishonest money, or “unjust weights and measures”, lead inevitably to inflation and moral decay.  Both the Bible, and the Constitution, forbid the type of fiat paper dollars that masquerade as “money” today.  But there is another issue.

For well over 1700 years, the world has been misled by a ‘church’ which teaches that the “law has been done away with”.  Popes, priests, and pastors claim the authority to replace the commandments of YHVH with their own “traditions”, which the Pharisees before them were rightfully called “hypocrites” for doing.   In particular, the Torah, or “teaching and instruction” of God, as given to Moses, is often purported to be part of another “dispensation”, even though YHVH Himself said He does not change, and that His instruction would NOT change either, until “heaven and earth pass” (Matthew 5:17-19) .  Men have “changed times and seasons”, and declared that His Sabbaths, which He said we were to keep “forever” — no longer apply.  Commandments for everything from what constitutes marriage, to what constitutes food, have been treated the same way.  Now, all around the world, Caesar’s churches continue to peddle that self-serving lie.  Even dictators have learned to take advantage of a compliant state-licensed clergy, by twisting the language of Romans 13 to claim that while God no longer cares that His Law be obeyed, it is what the Almighty State decrees that really matters.

Consider, finally, some other recent developments.  The city of San Francisco just gave final approval to a ballot issue which proposes to outlaw circumcision of males under the age of eighteen, with no “religious exemption” for trivialities like Scripture.   And, for the first time ever, a Gallup poll claims that a majority of Amerikans now support “gay marriage” — again, in direct opposition to the Bible.  Is it any surprise that a people who believe such Big Lies are able to accept something declared “legal” which YHVH calls “abomination” …and vice-versa?

The cycle is complete:  The Constitution is now no more the “Supreme Law of the Land” than the Bible.  A people which have come to believe that the Written Law of YHVH the Almighty Himself can be “done away with” will eventually, and inevitably, conclude that the Constitutions of men are just as ephemeral, just as trivial.  There is no question that “many have been deceived” by false teachers and prophets.

And our Savior said, “because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12)

How can one “love your neighbor” while ignoring the way our Father says we are treat him, in accord with His “torah”?  It is more than ironic that the same “church” which teaches lawlessness — that the “law has been done away with”, been “nailed to the cross”, or just “no longer matters” in “this dispensation” — is in large part responsible for fulfilling His prophecy of the sorrows to come.

“Lawlessness” — like the inflation and collapse which follows dishonest money — is a cancer.  It rots the very foundation of societies.  The admonition of Revelation 18:4, to “come out of her, My people“, and separate ourselves from the plagues which follow, is important, and bears repeating.  But there is an even stronger warning to those who “lead His sheep astray”, “fail to teach the difference between the set-apart (qadosh, or “holy”) and the profane”, and practice (much less teach!) “torah-less-ness”.  It is in Matthew 7:22-23:

“Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your Name?
And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ “

There is a reason why He Wrote it down for us.

*  Note that I did not use the term ‘police’, much less “peace officer”, because there was a time not that long ago when a sworn official acting “under color of law” — violating their oath of office — was held to be acting criminally.  No longer.   And how does someone whose door is broken down by a “cop” know whether the thug acting against him and his family unlawfully is a “real” criminal, or just an impostor in a uniform?

Recent Radio Shows

May 19th, 2011

This last week has been QUITE a bizarre, disturbing, even disgusting one when it comes to “news” in the former Constitutional republics of Amerika.  You may find some of these to be a bit of a different perspective than the Wastestream Media:

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Fear not!

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May 6th, 2011

This has been quite a week for the “Big Lie”.

Here is my Friday News and commentary podcast from Hebrew Nation Radio, with some comparisons of the major fabrications and manipulations this week:

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Torah for Teens

May 4th, 2011

I look at the news — from a “Biblical” perspective — almost every day.  Sometimes, quite frankly, I find it hard to believe that people could live in the same world I see and not recognize that something is HORRIBLY wrong, and that events are rapidly coming to a “tipping point”.  It seems more and more obvious, in other words, that the plagues now at hand are far more than mere random acts of nature.

Perhaps the most common complaint I hear from those who DO have “eyes to see” is frustration.  How can some things apparently be so obvious, and yet so many of our friends and loved ones are oblivious to them?  Why can’t we “make them see” what should be so clear!

Scripture seems to say that only a Remnant will ever “get it”.  Likewise, we should remember that if so many people missed the nature of the Savior Himself — when He was literally right in front of them! — why should we expect things to be easier for us today?  After all, He told His own disciples (Luke 16:31) that if people would not listen to Moses, and the prophets YHVH sent, they wouldn’t be persuaded even by the example of someone rising from the dead!

Only He can give someone “ears to hear” and “eyes to see”.  But the rest of us CAN at least be ready to give an answer when people ASK us why we believe what we know to be True, and even why certain things are happening.  When we talk to people who are beginning to understand what it means to “come out of” a Whore Church that has “failed to teach the difference” between the clean and the unclean, the qadosh or set-apart and the profane or pagan…we find no shortage of references directly from the Bible to make that case.  All that one has to do to understand what Yahushua meant when He said that not the smallest part of His ‘teaching and instruction’ would pass away so long as heaven and earth still exist is to read what He said.  People who DO have some knowledge of Scripture, and even CLAIM to accept it as His Word, will find that He is faithful, and will give understanding to those who ask.

For most of my own life, though, I was NOT one of those people.  I believed the Big Lies — from the Big Lie that “Evolution” was a science rather than a pagan religion, to the politically-correct doctrines on sexuality, pop psychology, and politics.  I thought that the Bible was probably a “good book”, but that only a “cultist” would BELIEVE fables that couldn’t be proven,  or think that ancient rules still applied today.  Anyone who dared to try to convince me of something FROM SCRIPTURE ALONE, in other words, was destined to fail — because I didn’t accept their standard of proof to begin with!

Before an individual like I once was can be convinced of the Truth FROM Scripture, they have to be convinced that Scripture IS the Truth! And that is what takes “eyes to see”.  And sometimes — once a person is finally READY to be convinced — a different approach.

I’ve talked and written a lot about elements of that approach.  Some of those elements sound very “secular”, because they overlap things that we see in the world of economics, sociology, law, and politics with the clear, practical commandments and examples from Scripture.   But, taken together, they paint a bigger picture.  The more we know about what is happening in the world, and about what His Torah says, the more clear the tapestry becomes.   Taken as an incredibly detailed, Masterfully-complete WHOLE, the Bible — when read WITHOUT the distorted lens of ‘church’ dogma — is, above all, consistent.  From “Genesis to maps” , and particularly in the original language, it is without question the handiwork of an Author beyond human comprehension.  Once a person is ready, in other words, to be like the Bereans…actually READ the Word, and study for themselves…the first battle for Truth has been won.

Sometimes, then, the initial skirmish consists simply of asking the right questions, and encouraging people who already understand — Jeremiah 16:19 says they would — that they have “inherited lies,” to take that next step.  I was in my teen years when I first knew I was being given the WRONG answers.  And while I know that there are people of any age who are being led to seek the Truth, I tend to think of this line of reasoning as “torah for teens” because of the questions my own sons once asked, and as I have heard so many others do in the years since.  How do we know what is “wrong” versus what is “right”, or “good” as opposed to “evil”?  But I have come to realize that there is an easier question to ask first, which helps to put those more abstract issues in perspective:
“Where does “Law” come from?”

Is something “law” just because a majority of people want it to be?  Some are surprised to learn, for example, that the word “democracy” appears NOWHERE at all, in any form, in either the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

But when they consider that nothing prevents such a majority vote from taking their iPod, their car, or their life under such a “law”, the reasons why the Founders called democracies  short-lived “spectacles of turbulence and contention”, and even “the Devil’s own government” become clear!   And how many people does it take to turn what would merely be “theft” or “murder” if ONE person did it alone, into “Law”?

So if it’s not “majority rule” that determines what is “law” and what is merely opinion – what about “might makes right”?

Mao Tse Tung — hardly unique among dictators and Tyrants, by the way — claimed that all power “flowed from the barrel of a gun.”  Without question, there is much truth in that claim, because “laws” today are ultimately backed up by the threat of force.  From parking tickets to taxes to ‘hate crimes’ (whatever that means today!) there is an implicit threat of fines, imprisonment, and deadly force behind what is claimed to be “law” — whether it comports with the principles of the Constitution and the Bible, or not.  Is power what really makes “law”, then?

The Declaration of Independence laid the foundation by saying that we agreed that certain Truths were “self-evident,” and that each of us were given “Rights” by our Creator.  Furthermore, they declared that the reason that governments even existed was to “secure those Rights,” and prevent them from being usurped.  The Foundation for all “law” in these once-united States, they unanimously agreed, was appealed to the “Supreme Judge of the world.”

Even in a land which no longer teaches such Truths, or even believes them, some “Laws” obviously still apply.  No amount of government force can make “pi equal to three”,  repeal the Law of Gravity, or the law that we “reap what we sow” — even if it sometimes takes a while.  The debtor is still slave to the lender, too, and no fiat money system of “dishonest weights and measures” has EVER survived very long, in all of recorded history.  Perhaps, as the Founders claimed, there really is a Power even bigger than any government of mere men.  It is certainly comforting to see, then, that His Word is so consistent, so intelligently DESIGNED, that it, too, is beyond the ability of mere men to have Written.

The implications of such questions can be troubling.   A pragmatic teen, or a middle-aged agnostic, will eventually come to a disturbing realization about where the Law really comes from.  If it is NOT from God, all roads lead in another direction:  it ends up coming from the Biggest Brother you can imagine.

Way back in the late 1600s, William Penn put it this way:  “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by Tyrants.

And that, too, is a key element of such a line of thought.  It is one which is fundamental to what the Bible says about the nature of mankind as well.  God has given us a choice. We can choose good, or evil.  We can choose life, or death.  Blessing, or cursing.  But the choice is ours, and of course, so are the consequences.  (When I’m talking to a student, of any age, I like to point out that “it’s an open Book test,” as well!)

Some of those consequences are also becoming hard to deny.   Why should it surprise us that a nation whose ‘churches’ teach that His “law is done away with” has decided to treat the Constitution like toilet paper as well?  I contend that more and more people will begin to ask these same questions once the inevitable fruit of “lawlessness” begins to be reaped.  Those of us who seek to walk in obedience to Him should be ready, “in season and out”, to explain what His Word proclaims is Truth…and explain why it matters.

In the end, “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Yah“.  But it may begin by helping those who have questions to ask the right ones.

The Secular vs the Scriptural: April 19th and Pesach

April 19th, 2011

I did a special news show today about some of the events in history on April 19th.  They have a lot to do with what is True…as opposed to the Big Lie.

Please give a listen:

April 19th

In hindsight, given the confluence of the two secular dates –

April the 19th and “Easter” –

perhaps a bit more explanation — blunt as it is — is in order:

There are two sets of incredible lies which surround events on these dates.  They are both “secular”, and yet “religious”…to the extent that they all represent service to “another master” than the Creator YHVH.  The “final assault” on the Seventh Day Adventist ‘spin-off’ church in Waco, Texas, back on April 19, 1993, may be the largest cover-up of a State-sanctioned mass murder in US history.    The Oklahoma City bombing of two years later, however, is probably the most idiotically blatant, given the degree to which the Official Story contradicts even the most simple understanding of physics and chemistry!

But to rename what is without question the Most Important Event in all of human history after the name of a pagan “goddess”, change the date, forget the elements of worship that YHVH Himself said we were to keep “forever”, and then add in forbidden elements of pagan fertility rites as a final slap in the Face of the Almighty…not only “takes the cake”, but the bunnies and eggs as well!

I’ll put it this way.  There are TWO sets of incredible lies still alive and well in post-Biblical, post-Constitutional Amerika today.

To believe the FIRST set, you have to ignore the Laws of Physics.

To believe the SECOND, you have to ignore the very Words of the Creator that those same people claim as “Savior”.

The Truth will indeed “set you free”…but only if you are willing to believe Him when He Writes it out for us.

Shifting the ‘focus’

April 12th, 2011

After an angry caller managed to get through to Rush Limbaugh last week with a complaint about the blindness of ‘mainstream’ politicians and commentators to the ‘birth certificate’ issue, much controversy seemed to — again — emerge. And so did another smokescreen.  Example:

Limbaugh has somehow managed to miss the point in his attempt to defend his past and present failures to show up on the issue here.

Why should a nation which ignores the “Supreme Law of the Land” routinely care about the fact that OTHER parts of the document are ignored as well?  (It STILL has to do with “choice of Law”!)

Limbaugh is well aware of the ‘point’ of course…what he is doing is dissembling — and trying very hard to shift the “focus” to again lead his sheep into the jaws of the wolves.

The real point that almost NO one (in the WasteStream Media) is understanding is this:

We have a former Constitutional Republic which has now been replaced by a fraud. Call it “democracy” if you will, since that word nowhere appears in any of the founding documents (unless you count the Federalist Papers, where “such democracies” are roundly condemned).

The dollar has been an unconstitutional fake for at least four decades, if not arguably almost a century. The First, Second, Fourth, and Tenth Amendments (quaintly once called part of the “Bill of Rights”) have been dead letters for years as well.

Notice the latest undeclared “war” – the boldest such usurpation yet, since even a pretense of Congressional notice is obviously absent.

A nation which ignores its own law has no place to complain about a “president” which simply reflects that utter “lawlessness”.

What has long been “sowed” is now being reaped. To be ruled by foreign tyrants is nothing short of a directly Biblical “curse” which should surprise no one with “eyes to see”.

Wait until you see what else is coming.

Choice of Law

April 11th, 2011

One of the most important concepts in Scripture is that of choice. We are free to choose to either love our Creator, or reject Him. To obey Him or rebel against Him. And there are consequences, of course, for all of the decisions we make.

These, too, are outlined in the Torah. Deuteronomy/Bemidbar 30 says, “…I have laid before you this day life and blessing, or death and cursing. Therefore choose life, that you and your descendants might live.” Yes, one could say that such a choice is in fact a test, but it is an “open Book” test! Both His requirements, and their consequences, are clearly laid out for us.

Those who have begun to return to an honest study of Scripture as Written (as opposed to what we have “heard it said” it might mean) — those who, like the Bereans, study for themselves — are increasingly realizing that it is not enough just to pay lip service to Him, to claim “I love Him,” but then not to do what He says. After all, Yahuchanon (John) 14:15 says so clearly, “If you love Me, keep My commands.” What those who “preach another Jesus” evidently do not understand is that our choice to follow Him and obey Him must include that related choice to “do what He says” as well, since (Luke 6:46, I John 2:4, Matthew) we are neither liars, nor ignorant of Him.

What is so important to understand is that this choice works both ways. We cannot claim that we “know Him”, or “love Him”, or much less that we FOLLOW Him if we will not keep His commands, His “teaching and instruction”. In legal terminology, is called making a “choice of law,” and it is an interesting example of one of those rare cases where the definition that even a lawyer would understand is utterly consistent with Scripture. It is exactly what our Savior teaches over and over again, via so many examples, in so many different ways. When we choose a Master, we must also accept the rules for His house. And when rebel, by choosing instead a DIFFERENT set of rules, we should know that He may exile us from the house — as Scripture also makes so clear!

I suspect most readers here can think of a dozen examples from Scripture of the same concept — from Yahoshua’s (Joshua’s) famous statement, to Eliyahu (Elijah) and the admonition to serve either YHVH or Baal, to Yahushua the Messiah’s teachings that we cannot serve two Masters. But what is perhaps surprising to most people living in “post-Constitutional” Amerika is that the choice there is just as stark, but it is “hidden in plain sight”, like it is in almost all of “the world” today. We can, and indeed, HAVE for the most part, “traded our birthright for a cup of pottage.”

Do you wonder why certain protections, once written into the Bill of Rights as inviolable prohibitions on the central government (things like the Right to ‘keep and bear arms’, or freedom of worship, or assembly, or speech; never MIND illegal searches if you try to travel!) simply no longer seem to apply to “Caesar’s property”?

Do you wonder why the “common law” specified in the Constitution has been replaced for most “persons” by the “Uniform Commercial Code”?

Do you wonder why the Constitution literally prohibits paper “money”, and specifies that “no thing but gold and silver” coin may be made into “tender”, but the world’s reserve currency is now a dishonest ‘fiat’ currency that YHVH Himself calls an “abomination”?

Every word in quotations in those questions above is a specific legal term, and they are associated with a “choice of Law.” Every word has a specific meaning in “law”, as defined by legal dictionaries like Black‘s or Bouvier’s, and they may be quite different from what “non-lawyers THINK they mean, or common dictionaries like Webster’s proclaim! There is a reason that we are warned against the deception of the Adversary, and the fact that he twists the meaning of words to his own ends.

When we choose Who we serve – we make a “choice of law”. His…or something else. And the converse is true as well! To reject His Truth, and walk in rebellion to Him, is to chose “torah-less-ness”, or lawlessness”.

YHVH promises blessings to those who keep His commandments, while Caesar offers “benefits” to his servants. Do not be fooled by any apparent resemblance. And is the “law done away with,” as so many of those state-licensed ‘churches’ try to claim? Our True Savior says otherwise, since “heaven and earth” still seem to exist, and not so much as one “yod or tiddle” will pass otherwise.

What confuses many is the fact that we truly DO have such a choice, and it is stark. If the “Law of the Land” in America is – or was – the Constitution, based in turn on the principles of Scripture, then what happened to it? The simple answer is that our fruit reveals our “choice of law”, as do the explicit contracts, agreements, and vows that we make. Choose this day Whom you will serve. Choose carefully.