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May 19th, 2011

This last week has been QUITE a bizarre, disturbing, even disgusting one when it comes to “news” in the former Constitutional republics of Amerika.  You may find some of these to be a bit of a different perspective than the Wastestream Media:

Police State One

Police State Two – ‘the One-two Punch

Who owns “your” children?

The discussion on Hebrew Nation Radio of this week’s Torah portion (the end of Vayikra, or Leviticus) was also quite interesting:



Finally, this week’s edition of “Come out of her, My people” —

Fear not!

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May 6th, 2011

This has been quite a week for the “Big Lie”.

Here is my Friday News and commentary podcast from Hebrew Nation Radio, with some comparisons of the major fabrications and manipulations this week:

News for 6 May, 2011

Here is this week’s “Come Out of her, My people” Show from May 5th

And this show, from Thursday this week, has some discussion of the manipulation and meltdown in the paper precious metals markets:

News for 5 May, 2011

Torah for Teens

May 4th, 2011

I look at the news — from a “Biblical” perspective — almost every day.  Sometimes, quite frankly, I find it hard to believe that people could live in the same world I see and not recognize that something is HORRIBLY wrong, and that events are rapidly coming to a “tipping point”.  It seems more and more obvious, in other words, that the plagues now at hand are far more than mere random acts of nature.

Perhaps the most common complaint I hear from those who DO have “eyes to see” is frustration.  How can some things apparently be so obvious, and yet so many of our friends and loved ones are oblivious to them?  Why can’t we “make them see” what should be so clear!

Scripture seems to say that only a Remnant will ever “get it”.  Likewise, we should remember that if so many people missed the nature of the Savior Himself — when He was literally right in front of them! — why should we expect things to be easier for us today?  After all, He told His own disciples (Luke 16:31) that if people would not listen to Moses, and the prophets YHVH sent, they wouldn’t be persuaded even by the example of someone rising from the dead!

Only He can give someone “ears to hear” and “eyes to see”.  But the rest of us CAN at least be ready to give an answer when people ASK us why we believe what we know to be True, and even why certain things are happening.  When we talk to people who are beginning to understand what it means to “come out of” a Whore Church that has “failed to teach the difference” between the clean and the unclean, the qadosh or set-apart and the profane or pagan…we find no shortage of references directly from the Bible to make that case.  All that one has to do to understand what Yahushua meant when He said that not the smallest part of His ‘teaching and instruction’ would pass away so long as heaven and earth still exist is to read what He said.  People who DO have some knowledge of Scripture, and even CLAIM to accept it as His Word, will find that He is faithful, and will give understanding to those who ask.

For most of my own life, though, I was NOT one of those people.  I believed the Big Lies — from the Big Lie that “Evolution” was a science rather than a pagan religion, to the politically-correct doctrines on sexuality, pop psychology, and politics.  I thought that the Bible was probably a “good book”, but that only a “cultist” would BELIEVE fables that couldn’t be proven,  or think that ancient rules still applied today.  Anyone who dared to try to convince me of something FROM SCRIPTURE ALONE, in other words, was destined to fail — because I didn’t accept their standard of proof to begin with!

Before an individual like I once was can be convinced of the Truth FROM Scripture, they have to be convinced that Scripture IS the Truth! And that is what takes “eyes to see”.  And sometimes — once a person is finally READY to be convinced — a different approach.

I’ve talked and written a lot about elements of that approach.  Some of those elements sound very “secular”, because they overlap things that we see in the world of economics, sociology, law, and politics with the clear, practical commandments and examples from Scripture.   But, taken together, they paint a bigger picture.  The more we know about what is happening in the world, and about what His Torah says, the more clear the tapestry becomes.   Taken as an incredibly detailed, Masterfully-complete WHOLE, the Bible — when read WITHOUT the distorted lens of ‘church’ dogma — is, above all, consistent.  From “Genesis to maps” , and particularly in the original language, it is without question the handiwork of an Author beyond human comprehension.  Once a person is ready, in other words, to be like the Bereans…actually READ the Word, and study for themselves…the first battle for Truth has been won.

Sometimes, then, the initial skirmish consists simply of asking the right questions, and encouraging people who already understand — Jeremiah 16:19 says they would — that they have “inherited lies,” to take that next step.  I was in my teen years when I first knew I was being given the WRONG answers.  And while I know that there are people of any age who are being led to seek the Truth, I tend to think of this line of reasoning as “torah for teens” because of the questions my own sons once asked, and as I have heard so many others do in the years since.  How do we know what is “wrong” versus what is “right”, or “good” as opposed to “evil”?  But I have come to realize that there is an easier question to ask first, which helps to put those more abstract issues in perspective:
“Where does “Law” come from?”

Is something “law” just because a majority of people want it to be?  Some are surprised to learn, for example, that the word “democracy” appears NOWHERE at all, in any form, in either the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

But when they consider that nothing prevents such a majority vote from taking their iPod, their car, or their life under such a “law”, the reasons why the Founders called democracies  short-lived “spectacles of turbulence and contention”, and even “the Devil’s own government” become clear!   And how many people does it take to turn what would merely be “theft” or “murder” if ONE person did it alone, into “Law”?

So if it’s not “majority rule” that determines what is “law” and what is merely opinion – what about “might makes right”?

Mao Tse Tung — hardly unique among dictators and Tyrants, by the way — claimed that all power “flowed from the barrel of a gun.”  Without question, there is much truth in that claim, because “laws” today are ultimately backed up by the threat of force.  From parking tickets to taxes to ‘hate crimes’ (whatever that means today!) there is an implicit threat of fines, imprisonment, and deadly force behind what is claimed to be “law” — whether it comports with the principles of the Constitution and the Bible, or not.  Is power what really makes “law”, then?

The Declaration of Independence laid the foundation by saying that we agreed that certain Truths were “self-evident,” and that each of us were given “Rights” by our Creator.  Furthermore, they declared that the reason that governments even existed was to “secure those Rights,” and prevent them from being usurped.  The Foundation for all “law” in these once-united States, they unanimously agreed, was appealed to the “Supreme Judge of the world.”

Even in a land which no longer teaches such Truths, or even believes them, some “Laws” obviously still apply.  No amount of government force can make “pi equal to three”,  repeal the Law of Gravity, or the law that we “reap what we sow” — even if it sometimes takes a while.  The debtor is still slave to the lender, too, and no fiat money system of “dishonest weights and measures” has EVER survived very long, in all of recorded history.  Perhaps, as the Founders claimed, there really is a Power even bigger than any government of mere men.  It is certainly comforting to see, then, that His Word is so consistent, so intelligently DESIGNED, that it, too, is beyond the ability of mere men to have Written.

The implications of such questions can be troubling.   A pragmatic teen, or a middle-aged agnostic, will eventually come to a disturbing realization about where the Law really comes from.  If it is NOT from God, all roads lead in another direction:  it ends up coming from the Biggest Brother you can imagine.

Way back in the late 1600s, William Penn put it this way:  “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by Tyrants.

And that, too, is a key element of such a line of thought.  It is one which is fundamental to what the Bible says about the nature of mankind as well.  God has given us a choice. We can choose good, or evil.  We can choose life, or death.  Blessing, or cursing.  But the choice is ours, and of course, so are the consequences.  (When I’m talking to a student, of any age, I like to point out that “it’s an open Book test,” as well!)

Some of those consequences are also becoming hard to deny.   Why should it surprise us that a nation whose ‘churches’ teach that His “law is done away with” has decided to treat the Constitution like toilet paper as well?  I contend that more and more people will begin to ask these same questions once the inevitable fruit of “lawlessness” begins to be reaped.  Those of us who seek to walk in obedience to Him should be ready, “in season and out”, to explain what His Word proclaims is Truth…and explain why it matters.

In the end, “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Yah“.  But it may begin by helping those who have questions to ask the right ones.

The Secular vs the Scriptural: April 19th and Pesach

April 19th, 2011

I did a special news show today about some of the events in history on April 19th.  They have a lot to do with what is True…as opposed to the Big Lie.

Please give a listen:

April 19th

In hindsight, given the confluence of the two secular dates –

April the 19th and “Easter” –

perhaps a bit more explanation — blunt as it is — is in order:

There are two sets of incredible lies which surround events on these dates.  They are both “secular”, and yet “religious”…to the extent that they all represent service to “another master” than the Creator YHVH.  The “final assault” on the Seventh Day Adventist ‘spin-off’ church in Waco, Texas, back on April 19, 1993, may be the largest cover-up of a State-sanctioned mass murder in US history.    The Oklahoma City bombing of two years later, however, is probably the most idiotically blatant, given the degree to which the Official Story contradicts even the most simple understanding of physics and chemistry!

But to rename what is without question the Most Important Event in all of human history after the name of a pagan “goddess”, change the date, forget the elements of worship that YHVH Himself said we were to keep “forever”, and then add in forbidden elements of pagan fertility rites as a final slap in the Face of the Almighty…not only “takes the cake”, but the bunnies and eggs as well!

I’ll put it this way.  There are TWO sets of incredible lies still alive and well in post-Biblical, post-Constitutional Amerika today.

To believe the FIRST set, you have to ignore the Laws of Physics.

To believe the SECOND, you have to ignore the very Words of the Creator that those same people claim as “Savior”.

The Truth will indeed “set you free”…but only if you are willing to believe Him when He Writes it out for us.

Shifting the ‘focus’

April 12th, 2011

After an angry caller managed to get through to Rush Limbaugh last week with a complaint about the blindness of ‘mainstream’ politicians and commentators to the ‘birth certificate’ issue, much controversy seemed to — again — emerge. And so did another smokescreen.  Example:

Limbaugh has somehow managed to miss the point in his attempt to defend his past and present failures to show up on the issue here.

Why should a nation which ignores the “Supreme Law of the Land” routinely care about the fact that OTHER parts of the document are ignored as well?  (It STILL has to do with “choice of Law”!)

Limbaugh is well aware of the ‘point’ of course…what he is doing is dissembling — and trying very hard to shift the “focus” to again lead his sheep into the jaws of the wolves.

The real point that almost NO one (in the WasteStream Media) is understanding is this:

We have a former Constitutional Republic which has now been replaced by a fraud. Call it “democracy” if you will, since that word nowhere appears in any of the founding documents (unless you count the Federalist Papers, where “such democracies” are roundly condemned).

The dollar has been an unconstitutional fake for at least four decades, if not arguably almost a century. The First, Second, Fourth, and Tenth Amendments (quaintly once called part of the “Bill of Rights”) have been dead letters for years as well.

Notice the latest undeclared “war” – the boldest such usurpation yet, since even a pretense of Congressional notice is obviously absent.

A nation which ignores its own law has no place to complain about a “president” which simply reflects that utter “lawlessness”.

What has long been “sowed” is now being reaped. To be ruled by foreign tyrants is nothing short of a directly Biblical “curse” which should surprise no one with “eyes to see”.

Wait until you see what else is coming.

Choice of Law

April 11th, 2011

One of the most important concepts in Scripture is that of choice. We are free to choose to either love our Creator, or reject Him. To obey Him or rebel against Him. And there are consequences, of course, for all of the decisions we make.

These, too, are outlined in the Torah. Deuteronomy/Bemidbar 30 says, “…I have laid before you this day life and blessing, or death and cursing. Therefore choose life, that you and your descendants might live.” Yes, one could say that such a choice is in fact a test, but it is an “open Book” test! Both His requirements, and their consequences, are clearly laid out for us.

Those who have begun to return to an honest study of Scripture as Written (as opposed to what we have “heard it said” it might mean) — those who, like the Bereans, study for themselves — are increasingly realizing that it is not enough just to pay lip service to Him, to claim “I love Him,” but then not to do what He says. After all, Yahuchanon (John) 14:15 says so clearly, “If you love Me, keep My commands.” What those who “preach another Jesus” evidently do not understand is that our choice to follow Him and obey Him must include that related choice to “do what He says” as well, since (Luke 6:46, I John 2:4, Matthew) we are neither liars, nor ignorant of Him.

What is so important to understand is that this choice works both ways. We cannot claim that we “know Him”, or “love Him”, or much less that we FOLLOW Him if we will not keep His commands, His “teaching and instruction”. In legal terminology, is called making a “choice of law,” and it is an interesting example of one of those rare cases where the definition that even a lawyer would understand is utterly consistent with Scripture. It is exactly what our Savior teaches over and over again, via so many examples, in so many different ways. When we choose a Master, we must also accept the rules for His house. And when rebel, by choosing instead a DIFFERENT set of rules, we should know that He may exile us from the house — as Scripture also makes so clear!

I suspect most readers here can think of a dozen examples from Scripture of the same concept — from Yahoshua’s (Joshua’s) famous statement, to Eliyahu (Elijah) and the admonition to serve either YHVH or Baal, to Yahushua the Messiah’s teachings that we cannot serve two Masters. But what is perhaps surprising to most people living in “post-Constitutional” Amerika is that the choice there is just as stark, but it is “hidden in plain sight”, like it is in almost all of “the world” today. We can, and indeed, HAVE for the most part, “traded our birthright for a cup of pottage.”

Do you wonder why certain protections, once written into the Bill of Rights as inviolable prohibitions on the central government (things like the Right to ‘keep and bear arms’, or freedom of worship, or assembly, or speech; never MIND illegal searches if you try to travel!) simply no longer seem to apply to “Caesar’s property”?

Do you wonder why the “common law” specified in the Constitution has been replaced for most “persons” by the “Uniform Commercial Code”?

Do you wonder why the Constitution literally prohibits paper “money”, and specifies that “no thing but gold and silver” coin may be made into “tender”, but the world’s reserve currency is now a dishonest ‘fiat’ currency that YHVH Himself calls an “abomination”?

Every word in quotations in those questions above is a specific legal term, and they are associated with a “choice of Law.” Every word has a specific meaning in “law”, as defined by legal dictionaries like Black‘s or Bouvier’s, and they may be quite different from what “non-lawyers THINK they mean, or common dictionaries like Webster’s proclaim! There is a reason that we are warned against the deception of the Adversary, and the fact that he twists the meaning of words to his own ends.

When we choose Who we serve – we make a “choice of law”. His…or something else. And the converse is true as well! To reject His Truth, and walk in rebellion to Him, is to chose “torah-less-ness”, or lawlessness”.

YHVH promises blessings to those who keep His commandments, while Caesar offers “benefits” to his servants. Do not be fooled by any apparent resemblance. And is the “law done away with,” as so many of those state-licensed ‘churches’ try to claim? Our True Savior says otherwise, since “heaven and earth” still seem to exist, and not so much as one “yod or tiddle” will pass otherwise.

What confuses many is the fact that we truly DO have such a choice, and it is stark. If the “Law of the Land” in America is – or was – the Constitution, based in turn on the principles of Scripture, then what happened to it? The simple answer is that our fruit reveals our “choice of law”, as do the explicit contracts, agreements, and vows that we make. Choose this day Whom you will serve. Choose carefully.

Battles, not Riots

March 3rd, 2011

One of the most common themes in Scripture is that of warfare, whether the issue is the continuing battle between good and evil, the conquest of the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua, or the prophesied battles still yet to come.    Furthermore, we are often instructed by the Bible in military terms, such as the admonition to “put on the full armor of God“, or to recognize that the Word is a sharp, “double-edged sword“.  Remember, too that the “battle belongs to the Lord“, or YHVH.

This last month has seen no shortage of evidence that we live in a time of carnage, riots, warfare, and  battles.  Economic warfare and battles over resources and trade are increasing turning “hot”.  From Egypt, to Libya, to Wisconsin…people are angry, and taking to the streets.

But if we are, as the Word also instructs us, to “choose this day Whom you will serve,” it is important that we make sure to know which battles are really His!  After all, even atheists are quick to point out (whether it is true or not) that most wars are fought between opponents who claim that God is on their side.  And, yes, the discerning are now beginning to recognize that the deceptive “elohim” who should not be confused with the “I AM” of Abraham, Yitzak, and Yaakov is really the “prince of this world”.

There is a big difference, in other words, between a “battle” which glorifies YHVH, and something else.  Something else perhaps best described instead simply as a “riot”.

When Joshua led the children of Israel into battle, directed by YHVH Tsevaot, they were invincible.  But when those same warriors decided to fight on their own, without Him to “go before them,”  they were routed.

In 1776, the thirteen colonies in America formally began a long battle for independence from a British king whose “character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant”.  Indeed, by that year the war had already begun.   But their leadership clearly “declared the causes which impel(led) them to the separation”.  They prayed, and sought His blessing and guidance.  They not only outlined the lawful basis for those necessary actions, but expressed their faith in Him as Creator, and sought the protection of “Divine Providence” for their cause.

In stark contrast, the French Revolution was much more like a riot than a battle fought for principles outlined in Scripture.  Far more “revolutions” in the intervening centuries seem to end in chaos and despotism befitting the leadership of the ‘prince of this world’ than the Author of the Word.

This last year marked the time when Egypt, once an oil exporting nation, crossed the line into being a net oil consumer.  Oil revenues were no longer able to fund the burdens of their welfare programs.  People who spend a high percentage of their meager income on food are the first to feel the effects of runaway food price inflation, and the most severely affected.  The riots in Egypt — like much of the rest of the Middle East — were brought to a head when food price hikes, in no small part a result of “Quantitative Easing” by the “printing presses” of the Almighty Fiat Dollar, simply became too much for the masses to bear.  Both the inflation and the riots continue to spread.

Unlike the ‘fed’, states in Amerika are not licensed to print “money”.  They will thus be among the first casualties of the coming governmental bankruptcy epidemic, as the inevitable rotten fruit of dishonest weights and measures becomes increasingly impossible to hide.  The conflict in Wisconsin is the first of many to come.  It is not about “unions” versus “taxpayers”,  or who will be “disappointed” when promises which CANNOT be kept are revealed to be lies.  Anger is coming to a head.  People who do not understand WHY their “piece of the pie” is being stolen do not recognize that a system built on a rotten foundation, a violation of the bedrock principles of the torah of YHVH, is destined to collapse.  They do, however, sense what is inevitable, and seek to “get while the getting is good”.   “Both sides” will lose. The result will be violence and riots, not a “battle” for the glory of YHVH, because His teaching and instruction was never part of the equation.

YHVH promises “blessings” for obedience to Him…not “pension benefits”, or “essential services”.  Riots follow just like plagues when masses of people who have been deceived come to the realization that the empty promises of another master don’t measure up to His Covenants.  When Scripture repeatedly warns us to veer “neither to the right, nor to the left” off of what is called a “narrow path“, it is because there are two ways to end up in the ditch!

Yahushua said that a “house divided cannot stand“.  While His house is never divided against itself, the concept of “playing both ends against the middle”, “heads I win, tails you lose”, creating a problem and posing as the solution (the “Hegelian Dialectic”) or “order out of chaos”, has been a proven tactic of the Adversary for millenia.   There is no “right side” to be on when all who participate ignore His Word.

We are advised in Rev. 18:4 to “come out of her” and not to participate in the sins a system of “whoredom”, built in rebellion to Him.  A similar warning is in YesheYahu (Isaiah) 52, where we are told not to “touch the unclean thing“, nor to go out by haste, or flight, because YHVH will “go before you“.   If we are not prepared for the “plagues” which are coming, whether they take the initial form of economic collapse, or the fear which can result from the inevitable consequences of what follows, whether it is food shortages, civil unrest, or martial law, it is all too easy to succumb to fear.  Those who fear YHVH instead, “build their house upon the Rock“, and know what should be done because they also “know the season“, will not fear what happens in the world.  We must save ourselves only for those battles where He goes before us.

But there is another way to be “suckered in” to riots, and that is by anger.  Deception DOES abound.  Dishonest weights and measure ARE an abomination, and the destruction wrought by the “rich men of the earth” and their false master will be massive.  But those who riot end up fighting one another — without understanding why — are victimized and deceived yet again.  When “many are offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another,” because many are deceived and iniquity (torah-less-ness) abounds, and the “love of many shall wax cold“, the right answer is still not to “partake of her sins“, or her plagues…and instead endure.

Those battles which are not fought in accord with His ‘torah’, the “teaching and instruction” of Scripture, in His Name and for His glory, are ultimately nothing more than riots.  They never end well.  Those who follow Him must not participate.  We should walk in His light, and have “no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.”

It is comforting to remember the promises that He made to His people:
Chatzak!  (Be strong and of good courage!)
…YHVH goes before you.  He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.

He will fight for us in the real battles, far more than we for Him.  What we must understand up front is how we are to know that we are “on the right side.”  Don’t be deceived into fighting in riots; the only battles we are to participate in are the ones where He goes before us.

Transition Plagues

February 9th, 2011

One of the most popular questions today, among those returning to a study of Torah ‘for themselves’, is whether we are entering the End Times, or not.  What will they look like, how will we know?  And, more specifically, perhaps – how long do we have left?  With the usual tongue-in-cheek proviso that “I don’t do dates!” — I will suggest the following.  It is certainly, one way or another, the ‘end time’ for each of us as individuals, and even secular economics and history make it clear that we are seeing the End of the Almighty Dollar.  After all, NO fiat currency in history has survived very long, and the dollar clearly won’t be the first.

Nations, and Empires, have risen and fallen since the Sacrifice of the Messiah.  But the End has not yet happened, even though some of the events over the last century or so certainly qualify as tragedies, horrors, and even holocausts.

But another look at the story of the first Exodus can give us some interesting perspective…particularly when it comes to those first few plagues that were visited on Mitzraim (or Egypt”).  I frequently observe that when one looks at the pagan culture of that nation, it becomes clear that each plague was literally a “judgment” of one or more specific gods (really elohim, or “mighty ones).  From the river Nile, to frogs, to various insect pests — each was worshiped in one way or another, and was held up in turn by the REAL Elohim and put to open shame.

But what might give us a bit of a look at current conditions is the observation that the first few plagues against THEIR false ‘gods’ also had a couple of other important characteristics as well.  The ‘magicians’ of Pharaoh — for a while at least — tried to duplicate what YHVH did.  They, too, turned their rods into serpents (even though that didn’t work out as planned for them).  They, too, created some more frogs (and perhaps regretted that decision as well).

Today, the ‘magicians’ of the modern pharaoh also claim to have ‘godlike’ powers.  After all, man can control the climate — or so those who push the fraud of AGW, or “man-caused global warming” would have you believe; forget about the effects of everything from volcanoes and the Gulf Stream to the sun itself.  And while the magicians (and “Maestros”) at the Fed cannot create more gold or silver, they have certainly made up a lot of paper and called it ‘money’.

But when it came time for next plague, of lice…something different happened.  The magicians tried to duplicate the acts of the True Elohim, but could not!  And with the plague of flies, YHVH declared that He would “sever” His people in the land of Goshen, and put a division between them and the rest of Egypt.

Here, then, is something to consider.  The plagues we can already see on the horizon are clearly yet another proof that YHVH’s “Iron Law”, that we reap what we sow, has never been “done away with”.  The bitter fruit of dishonest weights and measure — fake, un-Constitutional, worth-less (and less), fiat money — will result in incredible disruption as that system inevitably collapses into inflation and bankruptcy.  Other plagues will follow just as surely as night follows day, and bust follows boom.  Food price inflation, and shortages in many places in the world, are already being reported…and will spread.

If the pattern of the original Exodus repeats, and I believe that it will – at some point, then other judgments against the false ‘mighty ones’ of the current worldly systems of the modern versions of Babylon and Mitzraim will follow.  Possible candidates for that humiliation are literally legion, and perhaps fun to speculate about…from “science” – like the false creator called “evolution” to nature worship “herself” …to medicine and “pharmacopoeia”…to “institutions” like Washington, Wall Street, and Hollywood.  (Although perhaps it could be argued that some of those are already plagues in their own right.)

We are at an interesting juncture today.

We have not yet begun to see our Creator make a “division” between His people and those who serve Pharaoh and Caesar…if indeed He that is part of His plan at all during this cycle. But IF He chooses to do so, it evidently still lies somewhere in the future. He has, however, without question, promised us blessings for obedience to Him, and eventually to deliver us out of all the lands where we have been scattered.  There will be much more to do, of course, as we prepare ourselves to come out of her.  Just as He has always done, He has given us instruction as to what we should know, and how to follow Him.

Meanwhile, all of us will have to put up with the frogs, and the coming lice.  It is best to be prepared, either way.


January 31st, 2011

The Torah portion (or “parsha”) for this week is called “Mishpatim” in the Hebrew, for “Ordinances”.

Some here may find the audio podcast of this teaching, done by myself and Jeff Gilbert, particularly interesting.  It was recorded from the “Talking Torah” room on Paltalk.  In particular, I contend that this portion is one of the most “politically INcorrect” in all of Scripture, and also among the most ignored.  It is also the place where the entire basis for what was once, back when we were a nation of “law, not of men”, called the ‘Common Law’ can be found:

Talking Torah teachings – Mispatim – 29 January, 2011

[ “Talking Torah” on Paltalk is a weekly gathering of “Torah-Observant Believers” in Messiah.  It is live each Shabbat (Saturday) beginning at 7:00 AM Mountain Time, 8:00 AM Central with a recorded study.  The live teachings begin at 9:00 AM Mountain.  This week, Jeff Gilbert did the first session, and I followed live thereafter.  Both of us also participate in a weekly “Torah Teachers Round Table” program on KPJC Radio, Salem, Oregon, which is podcast on Hebrew Nation Radio, as well as a number of other daily and weekly shows.  Many of those links and podcasts are on the audio/links page here.]

This section of Scripture follows immediately after the giving of the “Ten Words”, or “Ten Commandments”.  If those instructions are understood in the context of, first, how we are to “love YHVH”, and then how we are to “love our neighbor”, then “Mishpatim” is a teaching on HOW that is to be done.

Even the ordering of what YHVH tells His people is important!  Note that the Commandments can be understood as a summary of how, having been “brought out of bondage” by His “mighty hand”, we are to live as free people.  Thus, the very next section is a “double-edged sword” of His Truth — because the next thing He outlines concerns the “other side of the coin”:

Those who fail to walk in obedience can enter again into bondage.  But those who learn to walk as bondservants to the Most High can “dwell in His house forever”.

And His ordination of marriage is a key part of that understanding as well.

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January 17th, 2011

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