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Parsha “Tazria”– teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa”

Monday, April 8th, 2019

Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for a look at parsha “Tazria” (Leviticus chapters 12 and 13).

And for reasons that will hopefully ending up BEING clear, this parsha is one of those that you “may have heard” is now irrelevant, “done-away-with”, and basically not worth studying — but for EXACTLY those reasons is probably more important now than ever, even if not for the reasons we’ve been lied to about.

In the Erev Shabbat review of what that means, the story begins with childbirth, some “not politically-correct” instruction that admittedly can’t be done here in “exile,” and then a litany of what looks like medical text information – but isn’t.

And – in this case, since it’s SO relevant – the recording includes a news summary that helps make that same point, even if “in reverse”.

SSM “Tazria” 2019

Alternative link via Hebrew Nation Radio:

The Sabbath day teaching is time for a more in-depth look at just WHY something that we’ve “inherited lies from our fathers” about (’cause it’s ‘<em><em>done away with</em></em>,’ doncha know…’) is more relevant than ever, precisely BECAUSE we no longer have that “<em>plague-that-ISN’T-leprosy</em>” (tzaraat) to worry about, or correct us.

And again, this portion touches the heart of so very much that is wrong today, and why. How very much like our Creator to show via His Word that the very things we’ve been lied to told are “done away with” are central to the curses and plagues now running so rampant.

“Tazria: ‘Ritually’ UNClean – What’s the Big Deal?”

Alternative link via Hebrew Nation Radio:

The combined part 1 and 2 files for both sections are up here, and available for download and off-line listening on the Hebrew Nation page as well.

“Tazria/Metzora”– teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

This week, Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa examines this week’s double Torah portion, <em>Tazria</em> and then <em>Metzora</em>, Leviticus chapters 12 through 15.

Have you ever noticed that the more we are told something in Scripture is boring, obsolete, irrelevant, and – especially – “done away with,” the more likely that it has to do with the very difference between life and death?

This week the Erev Shabbat overview concentrates primarily on introduction chapters having to do with an arguably “spiritual affliction” (“tzaraat” in the Hebrew, in spite of what the KJV says, there’s no real English equivalent!) that Mark suggests still has a lot to teach us, ESPECIALLY if we don’t think we see the symptoms any more.

SSM Tazria-Metzora 2017

The Sabbath Day teaching this week again seems to demonstrates that Torah really IS about Life and Death.   It starts with birth, and another now-politically-incorrect few commandments, followed by a lot of detail about a spiritual ‘plague’ so infectious that it contaminates not only people, but even their clothes and houses.

“Tazria/Metzora – Life and Death, Murder-by-Tongue, and other things we’re told aren’t Important Any More”