Parsha “Lekh Lekha”– teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

‘Lekh Lekha’ is literally THE Original “Come out of her” parsha in the Book (well, “Get OUT of the Garden,” was a different command for a different reason…)

The man who becomes the ‘First Patriarch’ and Father of Nations is told to “Get OUT of your country, out of your father’s house, away from kind,” and basically everything you knew and grew up with (pagan as it was) — and GO to a place that I, YHVH, will show you.

Talk about a walk of faith.

Mark Call first takes a look at the “whole story” in the Erev Shabbat Overview teaching, from the time the man then called “Abram,” first heard the command, and then the promise, and simply obeyed, to his sojourn and all-too-human mistakes in Egypt, to his multi-year challenges in realizing Yahuah had a plan for his heir all along, even if it might have even seemed funny on first hearing.

The Sabbath Day ‘deeper look’ into the story, the lessons, the haftorah, the related teachings of the Torah-Made-Flesh, and our OWN walk via the lessons of Abraham, begins with that “Come OUT” admonition, and goes all the way to a whole LOT of ‘politically incorrect’ questions even — like why are prayers that we’re at least TOLD ‘in his name’ not answered on our timetable?

Abraham is a model of what it means to be a man who literally walks in faith. But other lessons in Scripture show us there’s more to what is expected, even of us, than just meeting some minimum standard.

“Lekh Lekha: Get up and go — a Necessary, but Not Sufficient, Condition”

The combined podcast for both teachings is here, via the page on Hebrew Nation Radio.

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