Parsha “Shemot”– teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship a study of the first parsha this week in the Book of Exodus, the parsha and Book of Shemot in the Hebrew. (Exodus 1:1 through 6:2)

This time the story picks up about two centuries after the time of Yakov and Yosef, and the key is a new dynasty, and a pharoah “who knows NOT Joseph”.

The overview of the story itself, from that time where the tribes of Israel have already fallen into bondage, through the Egyptian version of “post-birth abortion”, and the introduction of Moshe (Moses) to his escape into the wilderness and encounter with the ‘burning bush’ are covered in the Erev Shabbat teaching:

SSM Shemot 2020

THe Sabbath Day teaching this week, however, takes a very different approach.

The life of Joseph is over, and somehow those that he saved have fallen into bondage. But we don’t have a lot of detail in Scripture – at least not HERE – about how that happened. What is hard to miss, however, are the parallels. We can see how much about THAT pharaoh sounds SO familiar:

Evil “leaders” who not only want to kill male children, but ALL of ’em. And they “know not YHVH”, either. But there is at least one verse (that’s not actually really IN the Bible anyway) that they know, the twisted Romans 13, GIV.
(Government Inspired Version)

We are now AT ‘the cusp’.

The essence of “Ehyeh asher ehyeh” is not ONLY “I AM,” but “I WILL BE what I WILL BE,” and it looks to a future tense. We had better choose TODAY Whom we will serve, so that we can learn to trust Him for the future He has for us!

“Shemot: We are now ‘pre-Moses’ “

The combined two-part teaching is here via the Hebrew Nation page.

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