Parsha “Tzav”– teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for a two-part look at parsha Tzav (Leviticus/Vayikra chapters 6 through 8) which – AGAIN – has to do with something that not ONLY have we been told is all “done away with,” but is “BOOOOOORRing” besides.

Yes, we know that the “done away with” part is a Great Big Lie, but it’s really only boring if we try to pretend what were seeing happen now as a RESULT of that ignorance is.

The pattern emerges in the Erev Shabbat Overview:

SSM Tzav 2020

But this year, now that “TSHTF” is in our rear-view mirror, maybe some of the lies we’ve inherited from the ‘whore-church fathers’ are a bit more evident. And, no, Mark doesn’t start “pulling punches” now, because too many lives, and more, depend on our coming to a knowledge of the Truth.

And isn’t it an amazing “coincidence” (!) that this is also “Shabbat HaGadol,” the Sabbath before Pesach? And that much of what we are already seeing fits the pattern already layed out for us?

There are a lot of dots to connect now. And this teaching will no doubt offend some. Because it should.

What has happened, is IS happening, on an international, literally truly SATANIC level, is an offense to YHVH.

And those that have been told that the commandments of Yah, concerning “sacrifices” to Him, are “Boring,” and “done away with” should ponder just how closely the Fourth Reich Police State, based on the Covid-19 Pandemic Panic, look SO MUCH like the things that “Yahuah commanded Moshe…”

…except, it’s not Moses this time, and certainly not the God Who Wrote the Bible, that people are making those blood sacrifices to.

“Tzav: As Molech Commanded Bill Gates – so did he. What, are we missing something?”

The combined two-part teaching is here, via the Hebrew Nation Radio page.


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