‘Sukkot Finale – Last Great Day – teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

The conclusion of the Fall Feasts, and the week of Sukkot which ends with the “Last Great Day,” is this weekend, by most calendar reckonings.

And certainly the largest attack on the modern nation of Israel in almost exactly 50 years on that day, and Sabbath, can hardly be a coincidence. Especially since the last such surprise attack fell on Yom Kippur, of 1973, THE ‘High Sabbath’ during the Fall Feasts as well.

It is STILL, however, the ‘Season of our Joy,’ regardless of the attempts of ‘the Adversary,’ whichever swamp he hails from. But, particularly in a year such as this, it’s fair to ask the question, “have we been warned?”

Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship for the final Torah portion of this cycle, V’zot HaBerakhah (Deuteronomy chapter 33 through the end of the Book, and then Beyond)…

…starting with the Erev Shabbat reading:

…and the Sabbath day midrash that adds several others that are particularly apropos ‘for such a time as this.’

There is a reason Yahushua told us, “See, I have told you,” in advance…”

“Sukkot – The Wedding Feast, Wars and Rumors of Wars, and…Time to Look UP”

The combined two-part teaching is here, via Hebrew Nation Radio.

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