Parsha “Bereshiet” (Genesis – In the Beginning) teaching from Shabbat Shalom Mesa

The cycle begins again.

Join Mark Call of Shabbat Shalom Mesa fellowship as the continuing study of His Word, as Written, restarts “In the Beginning,” on page one of every Bible, with Bereshiet (Genesis 1:1 through 6:8) and the Foundation upon which literally EVERYTHING else rests…

…and the Erev Shabbat reading which answers so many questions, and begets so many others:

This portion Begins with what was once probably about the most fundamental, self-evident Truth know to Mankind, er, Adam-kind. ANd yet there is SO much more.

But what is perhaps most striking THIS time around is what has been done, Mark would say deliberately, to that Truth. So much of what is here could have been called, the Simple Stuff:

  • In the Beginning, Elohim created (literally ‘from NOTHING’!) ‘the heavens and the earth.’
  • Male and Female He created them.
  • And there was an order to all of it, and He even knew the end from that Beginning.
  • Even if Adam-kind didn’t.

But now, even the simple stuff has been twisted. There was some “ambiguous” stuff, as well, perhaps even some confusing stuff. But today, much of what is so perfectly laid out here has become the Hated Stuff. And, given recent events in particular, there are even Truths in here that have become UNTHINKABLE Stuff.

It’s time to take a hard look at things you wont hear in sun-god-day skool. Because it really is a matter of Life and Death.

“Bereshiet: Kill ’em ALL! But just Who says so?”

The combined two-part teaching is here via Hebrew Nation Radio.

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Semi-retired electronic engineer, turned author and lecturer; occasional radio talk show host, and motivated Torah/Bible teacher. Also an avid private pilot (Private, ASEL, Inst), radio amateur, scuba diver, and aspiring sailor.
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