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The Romans 13 Twisting

Thursday, June 19th, 2014


There is one particularly pernicious “twisting” of Scripture that probably tends to turn up in “Sunday Churchianity” more than any other. When Kefa (aka “Simon Peter”) wrote in the second letter that bears his name (II Peter 3:15-16) that “in the writings of our beloved brother” Shaul or Paul are many things that are “wrested” or “twisted…by the unlearned and untaught,” he may already have had a vision of what a paganized, co-opted church would do to Romans chapter 13 in just a millenium or two.

Here is the standard, “Authorized” English rendering of the “letter to the Romans”, verses 1 and 2. Unfortunately, there is so much historic and translation-bias “baggage” in the way that passage is rendered, AND TAUGHT, that the worst “twisting” Peter warned about has already happened:


Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

For this reason, the Modern, Politically-Correct, 501c(3) State-Church Approved, Officially-Authorized Version of that verse (arguably it’s about the ONLY verse that still even HAS Washington’s Stamp of Approval) pretty much boils down to, “when Big Brother says ‘JUMP’, you must say, ‘How high, master?’ “.

The trouble is, that popular “teaching” – that to obey the State is to obey God – is just plain WRONG, and antithetical to the message of the rest of Scripture. Especially when the state tries to pretend that it IS “god”, or “another master,” imbued with the power to overwrite not only His Written Word, but its own “supreme law” by imperial edict anyway.

Why? Isn’t that a bit of hyperbole? At least, unless the State tries to require people to commit acts that directly violate Scripture.

You mean – like murder? Theft? Dishonest weights and measures? Subsidizing what He calls “abomination,” and calling it ‘licensed marriage’? Leaving aside the obvious objections, like just “in Whose Name” do we claim to be working, anyway? And, Who do we truly serve? Caesar, or YHVH? There’s a big difference between walking in obedience to the REAL King, Creator, and Elohim of Scripture, and those false self-proclaimed “gods” who would like to take His place. While YHVH may allow bad kings, conquerors like a Nebuchadnezzar, or even a “Beast” government to chasten those who walk in rebellion to Him, it is always clear that His “remnant” must have discernment.

Paul ALSO said, and it was in that very same letter to the Romans (v 6:16), well before those troublesome Most Twisted Verses, to be very careful just WHO you “submit yourself” as a servant to obey. For, “Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness?

It would seem that, just as Scripture emphasizes consistently throughout, that we have a CHOICE about Whom we obey, Whom we worship, Whom we serve. Paul is hardly contradicting himself, or his heavenly Master. Note that in the well-known “spiritual battle” line from the same author’s letter to the Ephesians, Shaul uses the same word to describe those we fight, or wrestle, AGAINST:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powersG1849 against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Furthermore, remember that several apostles were among those who were arrested and jailed for FAILING to obey those “higher powers” that were “ordained of God.” Something is wrong with the claim here. Check out the story in Acts chapter 5. Following their arrest for “resisting the power,” rather than, “receiv[ing] to themselves damnation,” they were freed by an “angel of the Lord.” When confronted directly for their very un-Romans-13-like behavior, “Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.”

And Scripture is replete with other examples of men – and women – of God who did not submit to some “higher power,” whether in the form of a state, or its priests. Particularly a pagan state that saw itself as ‘god’. The Hebrew midwives in Egypt, commanded by Pharoah to kill male babies, “feared God,” disobeyed the king, and, “therefore God dealt well with them.” They were even rewarded with “households.” Young David did not allow King Saul to do to him what that “higher power,” unquestionably ordained by the Almighty, would have wanted to do to him, either. Indeed, the litany of kings who “did that which was evil in the sight of the LORD” alone should prove that the “Clergy Response Team” twisting of Romans 13 sounds more like something they would have written than YHVH Himself.

The context, consistency, and totality of Scripture reveal the lie. But there’s another way to debunk the Caesar-Approved Spin on Romans 13. Just look even briefly at the language. Even in the Greek rendering of the original letter, the key word in the verses is “exousia”, repeated several times. The primary Strong’s definition (Number G1849) says it means “power of choice,” or “liberty” of “doing as one pleases.” Other verses use the word to indicate “authority,” but the context makes clear that such authority can be used either for good, in the service of YHVH, or for evil, as in the “power of darkness.”

In I Cor. 8:9, the same word ‘exousia’ is rendered this way:

But take heed lest by any means this liberty G1849 of yours become a stumblingblock to them that are weak.

Like all power, authority, and liberty – there is a way to use that “exousia” in accord with the Word, in accord with the will of YHVH, and another way which is in opposition to Him. To “rightly divide the Word,” includes understanding that proper context!

Let’s try it THIS way, and see if the apparent meaning changes any:

Let every soul be subject unto the higher liberties. For there is no liberty but of God: the liberties that be are ordained of God.

Whosoever therefore resisteth the liberty, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

It certainly seems to put a whole different spin on the text, doesn’t it?

Whether the text is talking about “power” OR “liberty” – the key point remains. Whether for good, or for evil, it’s all about Who we serve.

Colbert gets it BACKWARD

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

For a real example of missing the point, check this out:

Steve Colbert Gets it BACKWARDs

…by thinking that there is a contradiction somehow between wanting a “background check” for becoming a “citizen” of the Nanny State, and a background check in order for that slave to be allowed to “buy or sell”  (at first, guns – but, ultimately – everything) a ONCE Constitutionally-guaranteed Right.

To relieve the concerns of many conservatives, the Republican senators proposing immigration reform have pointed out that undocumented immigrants will have to undergo fingerprinting and background checks, among many other things, before obtaining a green card. However, as Colbert points out, many Republicans oppose the same basic requirement to obtain an assault weapon.


“Yes, they must be fingerprinted, they must be background checked. After all they are trying to get citizenship, not an assault weapon.”

It is just two sentences, but it really sums up much of the debate around the two issues.


The truly GREAT irony is that Colbert (and evidently this author) gets it BACKWARD and misses what should have been his own point!

BOTH ‘immigration reform’ and ‘gun registration’ are about EXACTLY the same thing:  CONTROL and the god-like importance of the Big Brother State.  The real pretense here is that both Demo-cons and Republi-crats ultimately believe that only THEY, and the Almighty State, define what “Rights” are — and are NOT — and what the peons must do.

The “path to citizenship” requires registration and background checks.  So does the path to infringement of what is left of the Bill of Rights.  Colbert doesn’t believe people have “God-given Rights”.  Peons need to be conditioned to ‘registration’, fingerprinting, airport searches, and “infringement” in general.

He sums up the obvious similarity — and the contradictions — but doesn’t get it.  Nor does he see where such tyranny ALWAYS ends.

Lie upon Lie, Pretext upon Pretext

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
Check out this podcast of today’s news, including a major segment on the truly masterful lies from the Man Who Would Be King:
News for 22 January, 2013 – and analysis of The Emperor’s New Speech
Some people may recall that the prophet Isaiah (28:10-13) talks about learning to understand Scripture “precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, [and] there a little”…Obama managed to do to the Constitution (again) what he does to the Bible…
twist the clear meaning to the point that he calls “evil” good, and good “evil”.And —  to top it all off — he manages to use the bodies of children to “oppress the people” while glorifying sin in the process.  (Check Isaiah 3.    The parallels would be funny, if not so shocking.)

A genuine choice – to “come out of her”

Monday, September 24th, 2012


The “Torah Made Flesh” told us on more than one occasion – and in more than one way – that we could not serve “two masters”.  Shaul (Paul) took up the same theme, and added a bit more directly Torah-based midrash, when he observed that “you are his servant whom you submit yourself to obey” (Romans 6:16)

Given the current hype surrounding the “most important election EVER,”  (aren’t they ALWAYS?) this may be a good time to review the issue of the “choice” again being presented to ‘registered voters’ as to which servant of the prince of this world they would rather have “rule over them”.   All over the world, people have been deluded into thinking that “democracy”  (a form of government which was NEVER consistent with, for example, the Constitution for the united States, and which the Founders uniformly rejected and railed against) is something OTHER than “mob rule” or “mob-ocracy”.  In the absence of legal protections against the inevitable (like the long-forgotten Bill of Rights), such a “demon-ocracy” generally degrades quickly into a state where 51%  of people exercise dictatorial control over the lives, liberty, and property of the other 49%.

I have written many times about the fact that, while Scripture cites several examples of things which look a bit like “popular votes” which nevertheless, shall we say, didn’t work out so well…the converse is not true:  usually the masses seem to make the wrong choice, and reject Him.  The story of I Samuel in chapter 8 may be among the best examples, where the people of Israel told the prophet to “give us a king like all the other nations”.   Scripture tells us (I Sam. 8:7) that YHVH even told the prophet to listen to them, “for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them.”

In spite of additional warnings (which, by the way, sound a heck of a LOT like what Amerikans, and indeed the denizens of most slave states in the world, can see out their own windows) the people persisted.  And the king they got was Saul.

The “End of the Book” (Rev. 18:4) tells us as well that there will come a time when we are to “come out of her”  so as to NOT participate with the sins of “the Whore,” and so that we do not, as a result, partake of the coming, and now-increasingly obvious, “plagues”.   Other admonitions, like “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,” and even “touch not the unclean thing” make a similar point.

People are being fed a lie:  that to refuse to participate in a corrupt, unlawful, and unBiblical process somehow means one should not only have no right to complain (after all, the Freedom of Speech has ALREADY been revoked.  Just look at the so-called “free speech zones” set up well AWAY from the most recent RNC sham.  Not only was the only remaining alternative candidate muzzled and not permitted to speak, or even have his name placed in nomination — in SPITE of the “rules” — but elected delegates were unseated and coerced via the not-subtle threat of arrest and a nearby gulag especially set up for the purpose!)  The opposite is in fact true.  It is those who AGREE to abide by the outcome of a process they choose to participate in who must bear the consequences of their folly.  One could in fact say, as the Bible does, that people who should have known better, “have their reward.”

While the Book of Job is perhaps one of the most difficult in all of Scripture for most people raised as Christians to understand, because it seems to demonstrate that YHVH, who created EVERYTHING, thus permitted “evil” as well as “good” — it also has some of the most poignant lessons for us today.  “For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, And what I dreaded has happened to me.”  (Job 3:25)  In order for the choice to love and obey Him to be a real one, the alternative, too, must be a real choice.  Unless the choice to walk in rebellion to Him is genuine, a “choice” to follow Him is as meaningless and hollow as the “choice” facing Soviet citizens under Stalin, or post-Constitutional Amerikans.

Our “savior”  DID not, and will not, come from Washington, DC…or Shanghai…or Moscow, Brussels, London, or the Hague…in spite of what politicians, pundits, and the world’s ‘priests of another god’ would like us to believe.

The Declaration of Independence asserts that lawful government rests on the “consent of the governed”.   When the Founders served lawful notice to the world, and appealed to God as the “Supreme Judge of the world” that they would not submit to a “tyrant” who sought to reduce them to despotism — they literally withdrew their consent from that “other master” who was acting contrary to the Creator.

Wherever we live in the world, we face a similar choice today.  As the fiat economies based on the abomination of “dishonest weights and measures” collapse, and hunger, pestilence, and even famine, spread, the Rule of Law will continue to deteriorate.  The “jackboots” of a worldwide police state, already painfully obvious, will continue to advance as the move to a “mark” without which no one will be allowed to “buy or sell” accelerates.

Given a ‘choice’ in opposition to Him, and His Written Word, we must learn to say, “No!”  A choice between evils is no choice at all:
“You shall not follow a crowd to do evil; nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after many to pervert justice.”  (Exodus 23:2)

The real choice was the one expressed by Joshua (24:15):
And if it seems evil to you to serve YHVH, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…
But as for me and my house, we will serve YHVH.”

Should we fail to understand the choice before us, however, the warning from Samuel is just as poignant today as it was when He first proclaimed it:

“And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and YHVH will not hear you in that day!”

The time to ‘come out of her’ is while we still have a real choice to make!

Who Ya gonna believe – Me, or your lyin’ eyes?

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Even though by now it probably shouldn’t, it still amazes me just how utterly relevant the weekly Torah portion (parsha) so often is.  Not only are we seeing so much of prophecy fulfilled (admittedly, perhaps not for the first time!) before our eyes, but the lessons for what we should DO in response are just as vital now as they were to those who lived it the first time.

The story of the ‘spies’ in Numbers chapters 15 and 16 is a perfect example when it comes to current events.  Not only is it the “first recorded vote” in all of Scripture, but it teaches the timeless lesson that when it comes to the choice between “believing Him” and accepting appearances, which “look correct” to us, there is no contest.  Even the Hebrew word “tur” — a root verb meaning “to spy out,” seek, or explore (think “tourist”)  —  is revealing,  and the use of the very same word at the end of the portion points to a wonderful solution as well.

The story starts out by making sure that we know exactly who the players were.  Each of the representatives of their respective tribes, “every one a leader among them,” was recorded by name.  And Moses gave clear instructions, (Num. 13:17-20) telling them to observe the people, the land, and what type of cities they dwelt in, but with the proviso, “Kazakh,” in the Hebrew , to “be strong and of good courage!

Yet the vast majority* returned bearing not only the incredible fruit of the promised land, but an ‘evil report’.   They failed utterly to “see” beyond the surface, as they had been directed, and were instead deceived by appearances, and their own preconceptions.  Caleb and Joshua — alone — saw the Truth, and recognized that the land was “an exceedingly good land,” exactly as YHVH had promised.

And while there are many wonderful lessons which can be drawn from the story,  it is the question of “what do we choose to believe” that I find particularly interesting.  Yes, there were giants in the land, but Numbers 13:33 gives us more information than might be obvious at first glance; read it carefully:
“…and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

Imagine that!  The men of the land managed to see the ‘grasshoppers’ exactly as they saw themselves.   Joshua and Caleb, however, realized (Num. 14:9) that “their defense has been removed from them,” and not only should they not be feared, but (in the equivalent Hebrew idiom) ‘we will eat their lunch!’  So, we should go now, Caleb urged.  As it turned out, the “whole congregation” turned on the two of them, rejected the promises of YHVH, and all of those adults ended up not going at ALL.  Every one of them died in the wilderness, because they “despised” YHVH (Num. 14:11) by their failure to believe His promises, given all that they had already SEEN!

And just Who do we believe today?  We have a world economy based on dishonest weights and measures — which He calls “abomination” — and it is nearing worldwide collapse.  A debt which is mathematically impossible to ever “repay” is taking down the PIIGS dominoes (Greece, then Spain) first, but portends a plague of truly Biblical proportions.  Unrest, riots, famine, and war will follow – as they always do, and just as Scripture warns.

And what of the governments…all of whom arguably now serve the “prince of this world”?  There, too, both Scripture and the news give the same answer:  Tyranny.  “Capital controls” and other draconian population control measures have already been implemented across Europe, to prevent people from escaping the economic meltdown, or preserving their wealth.  Cameras, airport searches, and internet spyware have long ago made the concept of ‘privacy’ laughable.  In the United States, tens of thousands of drones are not only already being openly admitted to perform aerial spying, but now to being armed…with everything from Tasers and rubber bullets to machine guns and missiles.

People have even begun to bring an “evil report”:  The “New World Order” is too strong to resist.  Big Brother really IS watching you…and X-raying, and groping.  And, just like the Borg of Star Trek, “resistance is futile”.  It truly sounds bleak…at least to those without “eyes to see” His Truth.

Is what we face today really so different from the “giants in the land” that so terrified a mixed multitude who ended up dying in the wilderness?
Does the commandment to “Fear Not!” still apply?  If we allow ourselves to be propagandized into seeing ourselves as the blind “tur-ists” did — grasshoppers in our OWN sight — is it so hard to see how that story would end?

And why does He end the lesson associated with the spies, and immediately the man who rebelled against His Sabbath, the way He does?

Part of the solution is in fact as simple as Scripture lays it out for us:  “Choose this day Whom you will serve…serve YHVH…and Him alone.”  Believe His promises.  Fear Not.  Seek Him…and “He will direct your paths.”

“Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”  (Luke 21:36)

There is no question that this is a time for prayer.  But is there something else — practical and effective, and maybe even relatively EASY to do — that might help us learn to “walk that path”?

Yes.  And it is at the end of that same Torah portion (Numbers 15:38-40).  It even uses the same Hebrew word —  “tur” again — to make the point:
Put a blue thread in the tzitzit on the corners of your garments.
“And you shall have the tzitit, that you may look upon them and remember all the commandments of YHVH and do them, and that you may not spy after your own heart and your own eyes, after which you use to go astray;
and that you may remember and do all My commandments, and be set apart to your Elohim.

Who are we gonna believe?  YHVH or our own “lying eyes”?  If we can learn to follow even some of His simplest commands, and look upon the tzitzit that he tells us to put upon the corners of our garments as a reminder, He is faithful enough to teach us, and guide us the rest of the way.


Torah for Teens

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

I look at the news — from a “Biblical” perspective — almost every day.  Sometimes, quite frankly, I find it hard to believe that people could live in the same world I see and not recognize that something is HORRIBLY wrong, and that events are rapidly coming to a “tipping point”.  It seems more and more obvious, in other words, that the plagues now at hand are far more than mere random acts of nature.

Perhaps the most common complaint I hear from those who DO have “eyes to see” is frustration.  How can some things apparently be so obvious, and yet so many of our friends and loved ones are oblivious to them?  Why can’t we “make them see” what should be so clear!

Scripture seems to say that only a Remnant will ever “get it”.  Likewise, we should remember that if so many people missed the nature of the Savior Himself — when He was literally right in front of them! — why should we expect things to be easier for us today?  After all, He told His own disciples (Luke 16:31) that if people would not listen to Moses, and the prophets YHVH sent, they wouldn’t be persuaded even by the example of someone rising from the dead!

Only He can give someone “ears to hear” and “eyes to see”.  But the rest of us CAN at least be ready to give an answer when people ASK us why we believe what we know to be True, and even why certain things are happening.  When we talk to people who are beginning to understand what it means to “come out of” a Whore Church that has “failed to teach the difference” between the clean and the unclean, the qadosh or set-apart and the profane or pagan…we find no shortage of references directly from the Bible to make that case.  All that one has to do to understand what Yahushua meant when He said that not the smallest part of His ‘teaching and instruction’ would pass away so long as heaven and earth still exist is to read what He said.  People who DO have some knowledge of Scripture, and even CLAIM to accept it as His Word, will find that He is faithful, and will give understanding to those who ask.

For most of my own life, though, I was NOT one of those people.  I believed the Big Lies — from the Big Lie that “Evolution” was a science rather than a pagan religion, to the politically-correct doctrines on sexuality, pop psychology, and politics.  I thought that the Bible was probably a “good book”, but that only a “cultist” would BELIEVE fables that couldn’t be proven,  or think that ancient rules still applied today.  Anyone who dared to try to convince me of something FROM SCRIPTURE ALONE, in other words, was destined to fail — because I didn’t accept their standard of proof to begin with!

Before an individual like I once was can be convinced of the Truth FROM Scripture, they have to be convinced that Scripture IS the Truth! And that is what takes “eyes to see”.  And sometimes — once a person is finally READY to be convinced — a different approach.

I’ve talked and written a lot about elements of that approach.  Some of those elements sound very “secular”, because they overlap things that we see in the world of economics, sociology, law, and politics with the clear, practical commandments and examples from Scripture.   But, taken together, they paint a bigger picture.  The more we know about what is happening in the world, and about what His Torah says, the more clear the tapestry becomes.   Taken as an incredibly detailed, Masterfully-complete WHOLE, the Bible — when read WITHOUT the distorted lens of ‘church’ dogma — is, above all, consistent.  From “Genesis to maps” , and particularly in the original language, it is without question the handiwork of an Author beyond human comprehension.  Once a person is ready, in other words, to be like the Bereans…actually READ the Word, and study for themselves…the first battle for Truth has been won.

Sometimes, then, the initial skirmish consists simply of asking the right questions, and encouraging people who already understand — Jeremiah 16:19 says they would — that they have “inherited lies,” to take that next step.  I was in my teen years when I first knew I was being given the WRONG answers.  And while I know that there are people of any age who are being led to seek the Truth, I tend to think of this line of reasoning as “torah for teens” because of the questions my own sons once asked, and as I have heard so many others do in the years since.  How do we know what is “wrong” versus what is “right”, or “good” as opposed to “evil”?  But I have come to realize that there is an easier question to ask first, which helps to put those more abstract issues in perspective:
“Where does “Law” come from?”

Is something “law” just because a majority of people want it to be?  Some are surprised to learn, for example, that the word “democracy” appears NOWHERE at all, in any form, in either the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

But when they consider that nothing prevents such a majority vote from taking their iPod, their car, or their life under such a “law”, the reasons why the Founders called democracies  short-lived “spectacles of turbulence and contention”, and even “the Devil’s own government” become clear!   And how many people does it take to turn what would merely be “theft” or “murder” if ONE person did it alone, into “Law”?

So if it’s not “majority rule” that determines what is “law” and what is merely opinion – what about “might makes right”?

Mao Tse Tung — hardly unique among dictators and Tyrants, by the way — claimed that all power “flowed from the barrel of a gun.”  Without question, there is much truth in that claim, because “laws” today are ultimately backed up by the threat of force.  From parking tickets to taxes to ‘hate crimes’ (whatever that means today!) there is an implicit threat of fines, imprisonment, and deadly force behind what is claimed to be “law” — whether it comports with the principles of the Constitution and the Bible, or not.  Is power what really makes “law”, then?

The Declaration of Independence laid the foundation by saying that we agreed that certain Truths were “self-evident,” and that each of us were given “Rights” by our Creator.  Furthermore, they declared that the reason that governments even existed was to “secure those Rights,” and prevent them from being usurped.  The Foundation for all “law” in these once-united States, they unanimously agreed, was appealed to the “Supreme Judge of the world.”

Even in a land which no longer teaches such Truths, or even believes them, some “Laws” obviously still apply.  No amount of government force can make “pi equal to three”,  repeal the Law of Gravity, or the law that we “reap what we sow” — even if it sometimes takes a while.  The debtor is still slave to the lender, too, and no fiat money system of “dishonest weights and measures” has EVER survived very long, in all of recorded history.  Perhaps, as the Founders claimed, there really is a Power even bigger than any government of mere men.  It is certainly comforting to see, then, that His Word is so consistent, so intelligently DESIGNED, that it, too, is beyond the ability of mere men to have Written.

The implications of such questions can be troubling.   A pragmatic teen, or a middle-aged agnostic, will eventually come to a disturbing realization about where the Law really comes from.  If it is NOT from God, all roads lead in another direction:  it ends up coming from the Biggest Brother you can imagine.

Way back in the late 1600s, William Penn put it this way:  “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by Tyrants.

And that, too, is a key element of such a line of thought.  It is one which is fundamental to what the Bible says about the nature of mankind as well.  God has given us a choice. We can choose good, or evil.  We can choose life, or death.  Blessing, or cursing.  But the choice is ours, and of course, so are the consequences.  (When I’m talking to a student, of any age, I like to point out that “it’s an open Book test,” as well!)

Some of those consequences are also becoming hard to deny.   Why should it surprise us that a nation whose ‘churches’ teach that His “law is done away with” has decided to treat the Constitution like toilet paper as well?  I contend that more and more people will begin to ask these same questions once the inevitable fruit of “lawlessness” begins to be reaped.  Those of us who seek to walk in obedience to Him should be ready, “in season and out”, to explain what His Word proclaims is Truth…and explain why it matters.

In the end, “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Yah“.  But it may begin by helping those who have questions to ask the right ones.

Shifting the ‘focus’

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

After an angry caller managed to get through to Rush Limbaugh last week with a complaint about the blindness of ‘mainstream’ politicians and commentators to the ‘birth certificate’ issue, much controversy seemed to — again — emerge. And so did another smokescreen.  Example:

Limbaugh has somehow managed to miss the point in his attempt to defend his past and present failures to show up on the issue here.

Why should a nation which ignores the “Supreme Law of the Land” routinely care about the fact that OTHER parts of the document are ignored as well?  (It STILL has to do with “choice of Law”!)

Limbaugh is well aware of the ‘point’ of course…what he is doing is dissembling — and trying very hard to shift the “focus” to again lead his sheep into the jaws of the wolves.

The real point that almost NO one (in the WasteStream Media) is understanding is this:

We have a former Constitutional Republic which has now been replaced by a fraud. Call it “democracy” if you will, since that word nowhere appears in any of the founding documents (unless you count the Federalist Papers, where “such democracies” are roundly condemned).

The dollar has been an unconstitutional fake for at least four decades, if not arguably almost a century. The First, Second, Fourth, and Tenth Amendments (quaintly once called part of the “Bill of Rights”) have been dead letters for years as well.

Notice the latest undeclared “war” – the boldest such usurpation yet, since even a pretense of Congressional notice is obviously absent.

A nation which ignores its own law has no place to complain about a “president” which simply reflects that utter “lawlessness”.

What has long been “sowed” is now being reaped. To be ruled by foreign tyrants is nothing short of a directly Biblical “curse” which should surprise no one with “eyes to see”.

Wait until you see what else is coming.

Real Soon Now…

Monday, May 17th, 2010

I apologize for the lack of posts here lately; there are several in the works, but none of them have made the cut yet.

Meanwhile, the list of audio files continues to grow, however.    Please check out the latest entries in the “Come out of her” teachings, archived on Way to Zion and shown in the links on the “About” page.

Here is the last, from 15 May:

Satan’s Game: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

The parable of “a house divided” (from both Matthew 12 and Luke 11) is fascinating, because it teaches so many things.  But one of those lessons – at least as I have heard so it so often taught – is not quite right.

Yahushua the Savior, of course, is NOT part of Satan’s house, but there is a reason that His adversary is also called the ‘Deceiver’.  Even though it WILL ultimately fall, what appears  to be a ‘house divided against itself” is mostly a clever, and ancient, ruse.

There is more to the lesson than most of us have been taught.  Note that the Messiah Himself says only a few verses later (Luke 12:51-53) that He came not “to give peace on earth“, but “rather division“!  Take a look as well at how many times the metaphor that we are to follow God’s path, and not veer off, “to the right, or to the left“, appears in Scripture.  Our Messiah even warned that the Way is “narrow“, and “few there be that find it.” There is a ditch on either side of His narrow path, remember.

The division that matters is the house of YHVH from that of the Adversary.  We must learn to discern not only WHICH house we choose to serve — that of YHVH or “another master” — but WHEN we are being deceived into following a false path, and being fed false “choices”.

Perhaps the easiest way to summarize the distinction is to realize that demons which were cast out by the Savior weren’t anxious to go, but that Satan long ago learned how to appear to “divide” his own house so as to fool his victims.  Since he is also called the “prince of this world”, perhaps it is not at all surprising that this gambit is nowhere more popular than in politics and government.

For real-world examples, one need do nothing more than turn to the news, and observe the propaganda that surrounds the “big stories” of the last few weeks.  Take the demonic evil that is Goldman-Sachs, just for starters.

It is easy to convince most post-Constitutional Amerikans that Big Banking is crooked, and somehow complicit in the economic ‘malaise’…even if they are incapable of understanding the details of CDOs, mortgage ‘tranches’, short sales, and insider trading.  After all, just look at the massive bonuses they paid themselves out of the bailouts: quite a reward for gross incompetence —  unless you count the foresight of having the right connections, with Goldman alumni in “all the right places”, from Treasury, to multiple administrations, and the Almighty Fed Itself.

So, many folks would willingly pray to Caesar to have those particular demons “exorcised”.  And yet let’s not forget the other “ditch”:  just WHO is doing the regulating?  And what is their proposed “solution”?

If you are skeptical about why the same incompetent fools who couldn’t spot the bubble(s) coming, but claim the wisdom to prevent EXACTLY this kind of (inevitable) meltdown — politicos and bureau-rats alike — are now promising to do better “next time” if those who are stuck with the bills will just give them unprecedented new powers as a reward…

…you’re on the right track.

But step back for a minute, and look at the whole picture.  Why is it that we are being conditioned to accept the word of one set of demons against others who appear to be in opposition to them — even while receiving bailouts and protection from competition?  The problem was NEVER what that House-Apparently-Divided wants us to believe!  It’s not a “lack of regulation”…as if more, or different, demons would somehow do a better job.  THE WHOLE WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM is built “on sand”, the fiat Amerikan Idol called the Almighty Dollar.  It is a false god, a “dishonest weight” that not only obviously violates the Constitution, but is repeatedly called nothing less than “abomination” by the Almighty, Himself.

We are reaping what has been sown.

When an entire economic system is built on lies, false weights and measures, usury, and ultimately theft — can it be any surprise that those who profit from that crooked system will “bear false witness” in order to perpetuate it?  Can any real “solution” be based on less than true “repentance”, and turning from the iniquity that is at the root?

Same house, but maybe it’s not really “divided” after all. It just appears to be.  But it is definitely “heads I win, tails you lose”.

(And if you will check out G. Edward Griffin’s masterpiece on the founding of the Federal Reserve, The Creature from Jekyll Island, you will see that when it comes to back-room deals between crooked banksters and those who purport to “regulate” them, there really IS “nothing new under the sun”.)

Take a look next at Arizona, where the plague of “illegal immigration” and rampant crime has people who are generally discouraged or even prohibited from actually defending their own families and property begging their government Masters to do something, ANYTHING…even if it’s wrong!

I have warned radio listeners for years to beware the siren song of building a “fence” or New Berlin Wall on the southern border.  While it ultimately WILL, I contend, get built – the purpose was NEVER to keep the “bad guys out”.  It will be to keep the slaves in — once they realize just how badly they have been duped.  And those who clamor for Caesar’s newly-empowered storm troopers to have the “right” to demand “your papers, bitte,” from the undesirables will soon find out who their master REALLY thinks is in need of such control.  After all, the precedent for RFID implants and currency exchange controls has already been set, and the pundits are already starting to talk those “reasonable measures” up as well.

Heads I win, tails you lose. Those who have studied a bit of history, and totalitarian techniques like the “Hegelian Dialectic” will recognize that the Adversary has not kept his methodology a secret.  At least not from those willing to serve him.

People are rightfully angry at criminality and destruction — whether it’s Goldman-Sachs or “illegal immigrants”.  But don’t let the Adversary fool you!  He has appeared to divide his house so that such anger will play right into his hands – by encouraging voters in his demonocracy to give him even more power, the better to control his compliant but ignorant slaves.  There is a ditch on BOTH sides of the ‘narrow path’!

Whenever ‘the  world’ tries to convince you that there are two “obvious” choices, whether it’s “trading essential liberty for a little temporary security,” or the R-party vs. the  D-party (who sit on opposite sides of an aisle, but in that same old ‘divided house’)…don’t be fooled.